You can make an argument to say that Zabuza grew to care for Haku but that still doesn't make their relationship less toxic. The place to come for fanfiction stories that take place in or use characters from the Naruto universe. The weapon's weight didn't seem to slow Zabuza down at all, as he could employ it in combat for extended periods of time with no visible strain on himself, something Suigetsu Hōzuki hasn't achieved. Press J to jump to the feed. how do you get the reverse sexy harem jutsu in naruto ninja storm 4? Zabuza was especially adept at the Hiding in Mist Technique, as it made his Silent Killing even easier to perform. Zabuza may not be warm and fuzzy, but he's not cruel to Haku. When the hell was it stated that Zabuza made Haku crossdress? Though does Haku even crossdress? Despite his ruthlessness, Zabuza possessed a softer side that he himself was largely unaware of. And Kishimoto has mentioned before that some of his hiatuses from doing the manga was specifically for research, so I'm sure there's a bunch of historical or cultural references throughout Naruto most people wouldn't notice. Taking Zabuza's body away, under the guise of needing to destroy it, Haku revived Zabuza, the needles having been used to paralyse him. However, Naruto Uzumaki created a plan and with the help of Sasuke Uchiha, managed to sneak up on Zabuza, forcing him to release Kakashi. However, he seems reluctant to speak or hear about it, telling whoever does so to shut up. 1.83 m
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. Even more, he is able to do this by performing one-handed hand seals.[11]. there's no denying that at 'those times' having the identity of male is better than female.

© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. I'm glad it was an enjoyable read! Pride is lost, wings stripped away, the end is nigh ~Lovless Act II. The only reason he was gonna cut through Haku's body and kill Kakashi was so that Haku's sacrifice wouldn't go to waste. Likewise, Zabuza has very advanced chakra control, able to perform a second technique while maintaining another. Years later, Zabuza became a mercenary assassin for hire, and in one of his jobs he was hired by Gatou to kill a bridge builder, who was being escorted by Team 7. As one of his jobs, he was hired by Gatō to kill a bridge builder named Tazuna who is a threat to his employer's business. In doing so, Zabuza was able to slash Kakashi with his sword, greatly damaging his opponent. [17] Zabuza's sword is taken from his grave site in Part II by Suigetsu Hōzuki (in the anime, it was Tenzen Daikoku from whom Suigetsu retrieved the sword). 2.) His blushing just means he views women as more objectifiable than men, that's all. Needing to stay with Kakashi to keep him imprisoned, Zabuza sent a water clone to kill Tazuna and the rest of Kakashi's team, believing it to be a simple matter. While donning this attire, much like his fellow Swordsmen, he had bandages loosely tied around his neck like a scarf. Haku was prepared to die for Zabuza anytime. Slicing clean through Haku to attack, Zabuza bisected the former while only slightly injuring Kakashi. He merely told himself that in order to lessen the crushing blow that was Haku's death. You can make an argument to say that Zabuza grew to care for Haku but that still doesn't make their relationship less toxic. [7][8] Zabuza subsequently fled with Haku and some other followers, such as the Demon Brothers, becoming mercenaries in order to gather funds for a second attempt in the future, which is why he worked with Gatō. Apart from handling it very skilfully, Zabuza could also throw it spinning at several enemies with enough power to lodge itself into a hard tree trunk.

Wanting to test his ability, Zabuza challenged Kakashi to a battle, and Kakashi complied by revealing his Sharingan. Studio Pierrot's Settei sheets of Zabuza in Part 1 make him 188 cm. He also wore dark pants with two straps covering the bottom and a hip pouch, along with black shinobi-sandals and dark fingerless gloves.[9]. Copying Zabuza's Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique before he could use it, Kakashi managed to defeat Zabuza. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The reason everyone in fanfiction makes their, Zabuza and Haku’s, relationship less toxic, is because the author often takes a deeper look. As an adult, even when gravely injured and both arms crippled, Zabuza proved himself a dangerous adversary, being able to strike down dozens of Gatō's specially hired men and even Gatō himself. As Kabuto erased their consciousness, Zabuza pleaded with Kakashi to stop him no matter what it took, as his humanity was already dead. He could maintain several of these clones at the same time, often using them as diversions. Zabuza Momochi is a playable character in the following video games: Main article: Live Spectacle Naruto Zabuza was a master in its use, being capable of dispatching numerous enemies with a few slashes, and claiming that his sword "never cut a second time", implying to have killed a large number of people with a single attack.

While there is some very valid criticism of whitewashing toxic relationships in Naruto (*coughnarutosasukeeventhoughthat'sanotpofminecough*), I don't think Haku and Zabuza is one of them. Zabuza's hobby was sharpening edged tools.

Vicious in battle, his talent for combat was seen even as a child, who had yet to begin in the Academy, as he killed over one hundred trained students single-handedly.

His massacreing of over a hundred academy students occured when he was nine, which took place eleven years before the start of the series. Haku finally got what he wanted. Yes, by our standards Haku was abused as a child, but by the shinobi world’s Haku was lucky to have been raised by someone as strong as Zabuza. Zabuza during his time as a Kirigakure ninja. How do I unlock Naruto and Sasuke (The Last) costumes?

He gave him a sense of "self-worth" from haku's pov and didn't admit he was growing to like him imo. More posts from the NarutoFanfiction community. He could perform several of them while keeping a separate one active, as seen when he kept Kakashi trapped in the Water Prison Technique while at the same time attacking the rest of Team 7 with a water clone. But these authors, skill varying, add more character development, sometimes even going too a father\daughter/son relationship.

[15][16] However, Zabuza himself gave Naruto the credit for his defeat. 1.) This large weapon has the unique ability to absorb and utilise the iron from all the blood it sheds, from whoever it cuts, in order to reform itself if damaged or broken. Before Zabuza could be killed by Kakashi, however, Haku appeared, disguised as a hunter-nin, and threw two needles into Zabuza's neck, apparently killing him. Zabuza's death is not unlike the death of. 4.) [17] Naruto himself credits Zabuza and Haku as people who had a great influence on his life and his views on the world.[20]. During which, he showed remarkable levels of stamina and endurance, able to continue fighting effectively despite the injuries he received from Kakashi and the large number of blades that pierced him. By blanketing the area in a thick mist, Zabuza could blind his targets, making it even more difficult for them to defend against him. Zabuza essentially took an orphan and made them a crossdressing nurse that belives themselves to be a tool to be used and thrown away.