These aspects cannot be stopped but one can adjust accordingly as per the changes in the economical, social or political pressures. If the student has a hearing impairment, he or she might not be able to listen to and understand instructions.

Evaluation territory. More productive and better cooperation Is attained. {2} The length of the thread was measured with a cm ruler and the weight was displaced and released. Investigating the Effect of String Length on the Period of a Pendulum Background information: A pendulum is a bob suspended by a string from a fixed point and behaves in an oscillating manner. - This is the ability to persuade the group member to change and reflect the leadership style. ...Investigation: What factors affect the period of a pendulum? Consensus and degree of solidarity Persuade more active involvement (It is due to the effect of gravity.) When the mass is drawn towards high and left, the gravitational force accelerates it back to its previous position. economic liberalisation of 1991.

According to the hypothesis, the vibrating period T and vibrating length L is a linear relationship, so we take logarithms on both sides of the equation. Support and caring for all the members. Lighting & ventilation, seating arrangement)

Table 1.1: shows the values from table 1, but with the square root of the length. Identifying a word consists of simply deciding if the letter string is or is not a word. Conclusion= a straight, linear, line is achieved by taking the square root of the length.

The early Romantic Period (RP) coincides with the age of revolutions consist of the French Revolution and Industrial Revolution and declaration of Rights of Man. GDP = C + G + I + NX predominate In F = m a, force is directly proportional to mass. (NX = Exports Imports) These factors are: length of string, angle from which the pendulum is dropped, the air resistance and the weight of the pendulum. Is the period depending on the angle? The physical condition of the student has a great deal to do with that person's ability to do a good a good job on anything and to understand anything. "C" is equal to all private consumption, or consumer spending, in a nation's economy  There are three stages of opposition existing in the present world organizations which can be either having a straight... ...Factors affecting Group Development Thus this investigation is going to give us an equation as well as show us if the period is dependent on any of the named factors. Is the period depending on the mass? Environment The reforms did away... ...Q:Organizational activities and future plans are constantly affected by the internal and external environmental factors. Two pendula with different masses but the same length will have the same period. Step 2: pressing the standard mass at the top of the steel ruler and then release it.

As mass increases, so does the force on the pendulum, but acceleration remains the same. A pendulum is an object suspended on a fixed point that can only move through given force transformed from potential energy from my hand to kinetic energy making the pendulum swing from side to side with periodic motion. In this experiment, the independent variable is L, the length of vibration. steel ruler(the cantilever)

Identify these external factor and explain in detail primarily how the external factor have or would influence your organization in its strategic planning .

Newton's second law can be used to explain this phenomenon. 1. Better attraction and close bonding to one another. When released from an angle away from its equilibrium, it swings side-to-side in a periodic motion.