The filling is very easy to make, but one thing that is key is to make sure that your spinach is as dry as humanly possible.

Thanks, Soph <3, What a beautiful post, Sophie! What do you use the yeast for in this recipe? The sizes of pastry sheets vary depending on the brand, but you’ll still be able to use this recipe as guidance. BAKED is a collaborative, creative project by some of your favourite Canadian bloggers. 2.

phyllo pastry**, thawed in the fridge, nigella or sesame seeds, to garnish (optional). Preheat oven to 220C (428F) and lightly oil a 20cm pie dish. Gradually add the dairy-free milk, gravy granules and nutmeg and stir unto there are no lumps. Put a long snake of filling along the longer edge of the pastry leaving a 5 cm / 2″ margin at the bottom. Store the leftovers in the fridge for 3-4 days. My take on the great Greek spinach and feta pie! Or do you recommend this more as a side dish/with a side dish?

I just love spinach and mushrooms recipes at the moment! Thanks, Sara, It goes directly into the ‘cheese mixture’. If you're using the vegan feta, now is the time to add it. We haven’t seen gluten-free filo pastry to buy, but there are several recipes online if you want to try making your own!

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