Can we please have this as a TV show/film/one-off miniseries instead? Or that the original USS Enterprise NCC-1701 has two different designs and two vastly different sizes. 1989 TOS The Doctor and the Enterprise.rar 72.95 KBs 2000 TOS 089 New Earth 1 - Wagon Train to the Stars.rar 1.45 MBs 1999 DS9 24 Rebels 1 - The Conquered.rar 958.36 KBs STAR TREK® and its various marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. 2020 © CBS Studios Inc./Paramount Pictures Corp, © 2006-2020 SciFanatic Network | Legal/Privacy Info |, Copyright 2020 | MH Newsdesk by MH Themes, Kate Mulgrew, Robert McNeill, And Garrett Wang Revisit “Threshold,” That Infamous ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Episode, Before “Unification III” On ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ – A Look Back At Romulans, Vulcans And “Unification”, Exclusive Book Preview Of ‘Star Trek: The Artistry Of Dan Curry’, Listen: Jett Reno Has Some Thoughts On The USS Discovery Refit; Reveals An Important Upgrade, Evan Evagora Confirms When ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2 Will Start Production, Wants Elnor To Spar With Worf, The Shuttle Pod – The Podcast. How do they reconcile that? 2007 TNG The buried age.lit 508.34 KBs 2002 TOS Errand of Vengeance 2 - Killing Blow.rar 699.31 KBs 1995 VOY 01 The Caretaker.rar 432.29 KBs Turtletrekker ran with this and compiled the vast Charting the Novel-verse project, the second version of which can be found here. 2001 VOY Section 31 2 Rogue.rar 963.11 KBs 1996 TOS-SA 01 Crisis on Vulcan.rar 2.75 MBs

2003 ENT Daedalus Part 1.rar 862.72 KBs To be honest? 1995 DS9 12 The Laertian Gamble.rar 388.29 KBs The major Lit-only series, New Frontier, SCE, Gorkon, Titan, Vanguard, Mirror Universe,  and Myriad Universes also have their own pages. 1998 TNG 047 Q-Space - The Q Continuum 1.rar 1.23 MBs 1998 CT 5 NF - Once Burned.rar 2.64 MBs It also subtly altered things as well. Enjoy, everyone! 1989 TOS 048 Rules of Engagement.rar 546.26 KBs To be inspiring, it deliberately uses our own ‘real’ present as its past; to show that we can and will do better in the years ahead. 2003 SCE 34 Collective Hindsight Bk 2.rar 233.93 KBs 1992 TOS 060 Ice Trap.rar 358.14 KBs 2006 SCE 62 What's Past Book 2 - The Future Begins.rar 302.66 KBs Long-time fans of the Titan series will notice some differences, but also some familiar faces too…! The Relaunch novels were well done for the most part. In fact, when Sisko and his officers returned to the 24th century, a picture of Ben Sisko as Bell now appears in the historical text. DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming, Review, Star Trek: Picard, “Long-time fans of the Titan series will notice some differences, but also some familiar faces too”. stories which have been published and never been released in print. 1983 TOS 008 Black Fire.rar 723.53 KBs 2000 TOS 095 Rihannsu 3 - Swordhunt.rar 412.7 KBs 2005 TTN Titan 1 - Taking Wing.rar 1.2 MBs scale Star Trek ship model collection, and an page where I log all the Star Trek: Destiny is an epic Star Trek adventure featuring the crews from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager (with a few others thrown in). But they take place in a new persistent timeline, which constitutes a different continuity. The Klingon make-up, their styling and their first-season starships are just the most blatant examples. When they adapt a script, they don’t get a “created by” credit which reduces their financial return. Please contact the content providers to delete copyright contents if any. … observations from over a half century of geekiness. But even that episode still fits within the theory, since it took place in the 22nd century’s mirror universe (arguably a mirror universe affected by its own version of the events of First Contact, perhaps?). updates to the site, for those interested in see what is new and what

But a clunky retro-future may not be a good lure for modern audiences, who might get a chuckle at tabulating computers, beehive hairdos, go-go boots and flip-phone communicators. 1990 TNG 012 Doomsday World.rar 907.11 KBs That is around 40% of all Star Trek fiction ever published. 2004 STA Stargazer 6 Maker.rar 574.64 KBs 2001 SCE 04 Interphase - Book 1.rar 272.96 KBs I don’t see why they wouldn’t. 1993 TNG 027 Guises of the Mind.rar 807.59 KBs With some time spent referencing fan sites like Memory Beta, newcomers to tie-ins can break down five decades of books into manageable chunks tailored to their developing interests. 1967 TOS Star Trek 01.rar 956.85 KBs 1996 DS9 Trials and Tribble-ations.rar 204.89 KBs 1999 TNG 050a I,Q.rar 697.01 KBs But what’s done is done; Star Trek Discovery is a prequel series and that’s the end of it. 1997 TNG 046 To Storm Heaven.rar 855.09 KBs Please follow the links to read a lot more about them. 1997 TOS 083 - Heart of the Sun.rar 784.62 KBs 1984 TOS 018 Rihannsu 1 - My Enemy, My Ally.rar 1.05 MBs

For example the short story 2004 SCE 38 Orphans.rar 529.71 KBs 1982 TOS 007 Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan.rar 877.86 KBs

1988 TNG 003 The Children of Hamlin.rar 877.53 KBs Re: Star Trek Online game novel - is it in continuity with the main no Story wise, its actually a lot of fun. 1994 DS9 06 Betrayal.rar 644.95 KBs 2005 SCE 52 Identity Crisis.rar 298.45 KBs 1996 VOY 10 Bless The Beasts.rar 826.94 KBs 2004 SCE 39 Grand Designs.rar 395.21 KBs More, ViacomCBS already has the rights, not the writers-for-hire. following it. And now, Star Trek Discovery is the beneficiary of all of that heightened production technology, as well as an average production production of $6 million an episode (about 6 times the cost of a TNG episode). Still have my tattered old copy, too…. 1995 VOY 05 Incident at Arbuk.rar 344.94 KBs We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Titan shows you what Riker got up to after the Enterprise-E. 2006 TOS Vulcan's Soul, Book 2 - Exiles.rar 175.46 KBs 1995 DS9 11 Devil In The Sky.rar 683.07 KBs