Joshua Renouf, a British creative designer, made every coffee addict’s dream come true. ‘Cyclee’ projects warning signs on the back of a rider depending on his actions. After the process of honey harvesting is over, the bees open the cells again and fill them up with honey. At some level you have to use your own creative abilities to come up with possible concepts and choose which one to use. His cocktail table is made of craftily cut glass crystals, which divide the natural light into hundreds of rainbow reflections. I’ll write down synonyms for the words and play around with variations of the phrases. Take one or two or three of your ideas and explore them deeper. She designed a special plate with sections that visually divide your food and show the sufficient amount needed of each kind. This smart invention was designed especially for those who start a washing cycle and then find some additional laundry to add. This coffee mug will prevent you from ruining your shirt with coffee stains thanks to the special reservoir running around the mug. And that is not all. Last week I talked about the first step in the process, gathering information. Every sphere of the lamp is made from hand blown Murano glass. It's also available in four different sizes. Maybe the word elegant in your notes belongs with that image of an exclusive cocktail party. Next week I’m going to take a quick break from the series to share some images of my time in New York for the Thanksgiving Holiday. With LED Bottle Cork you will easily transform your empty bottles into lamps! Archived in Web Design and tagged concepts, creativity, You are here: American designer John Foster succeeded in combining glass and light reflection in his magical invention. This smart idea will turn your everyday stroller walks into real adventures. Download a free sample from my book, Design Fundamentals. I’ll think about the way my client described his or her customers and think about what a similar person might enjoy or what might motivate that person to take action. Your email address will not be published. Your concept should communicate in a way that helps the the site achieve its goals and objectives. As an aspiring designer, I want to create things that will amaze people but will also be considered useful. Certain shapes? I like to start with words and I’ll typically look over the words and phrases my client continued to use when we talked. Green and red lights over every parking spot indicate if the parking spot is free or occupied. Our world would be a better and safer place if people used these pillows to fight each other. With your Magwear wristband you won’t lose any metallic object while hanging pictures, sewing, or doing any other job that requires using small metallic objects. Place the water into the cloud reservoir and your plants will be watered with filtered rain right from the ‘sky.’. Which one you’d ultimately go with would depend on the goals of the site and the client’s brand and so on. Another important thing about new concepts and inventions is that they are made by people for people. Now it’s time to take it further. Think of it as finding one idea and then following the idea to see where it leads. Look, it’s the Loch Ness monster coming right out of your pot! When you come across a design, whether it’s for the web or in print or anywhere else, ask yourself how the design makes you feel. One probably fits your client’s message more than the other. A team of glassmakers from Oregon decided to ‘add’ some nature to their hand blown glasses. Describe what you see in a couple of words or phrases. I think we often place too much emphasis on the word concept as though it’s some kind of special design magic. Not yet? His idea is all about the safety of bike riders while they are riding at night. There’s no one way to decide or an exact science for how to choose which concept to use from the few you’ve come up with. It also makes me think about two people flirting with each other. Your goal is to visually communicate certain messages and ideas to visitors of the site and there are many ways to communicate the same message. Put like ideas together. You can gain experience by looking at the designs of others and asking yourself what’s the concept behind the design and thinking about it? You’ll eliminate most of them, but you might have to come up with 10 bad ideas to get to a good one. Collect as many ideas as you can. Your goal as designer is to help your clients achieve their goals for the site. With this miniature portable coffee machine, you will be able to enjoy some espresso wherever and whenever you want. Now you can ride your suitcase to the airport! Jarre Technologies, founded by the legendary musician Jean Michel Jarre, designed stylish wireless speakers, AeroBull HD. The lamp produces soft light and can also be used as a small table or something comfortable to sit on. If you enjoy having breakfast in bed, this nightstand is just the right invention for you. It should tell the same story your client wants to tell about themselves when they talk to their customers. A concept helps you generate new and related ideas. When the cells are filled with honey, the beekeeper can open the other side of the box, allowing the honey to flow out into a tap without disturbing the bees.