QUIZ: Can you guess the TV show from the kitchen? Because of the intimate link between the psyche and sexual performance, some sexuality experts say the results of these conditions most likely bring about sexual dysfunction through their psychological impacts.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, previous studies have shown that those how have sex before the average age of 17 also face consequences.

The patients Snyder encounters often feel a great deal of anxiety about the problem which feeds into a cycle of embarrassment and dysfunction. Coleman, however, said that biological factors may also be involved. Nov. 29, 2007 — -- While past research has linked early sexual activity to health problems, a new study suggests that waiting too long to start having sex carries risks of its own. Some might say they were putting it on a pedestal. "Sexual relationship is complex, and the moment of marriage is not a magic marker. When Diefendorf began studying the men in 2008, she listened as unmarried virgins spoke about sex with great reverence. "In my view as a sexuality therapist since the 1970s, the abstinence-only approach is a public health hazard," Ogden said. Snyder revealed that those who wait to have sex until later in life (due to religious beliefs, abstinence or other) tend to feel a great deal of shame about their lack of sexual activity.

For women, she said, the message that "good girls" should not engage in or enjoy sex may cause women to shut down sexually, leading to dysfunction.

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The average person has sex for the first time around age 17, but some don't engage in intercourse until much later in life.Certain people intentionally abstain from sex while others, like Steve Carell's memorable character in "The 40 Year-Old Virgin," can't seem to make it … These issues were more likely to be found in men who waited to have sex.

The researchers stated that they believe the results are consistent with gender norms and expectations. Interestingly, incidences where the participant reported “making out” and not having sex, girls experienced a 25 percent increase in peer acceptance, while boys experienced a 29 percent decrease in peer acceptance. ", 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. The authors write that the study "lends credence to research showing that abstinence-only education may actually increase health risks," adding that other approaches may better equip young people to avoid both short- and long-term sexual health consequences. These messages, she said, can differ between men and women. ", Conditioning that results in shame over sexual expression may also be a factor, said Gina Ogden, a Boston-based sexuality expert and author of "The Heart and Soul of Sex. Dr. Stephen Snyder, a sex therapist in New York City, spoke to the Atlantic about what he has witnessed. These issues included struggling to reach an orgasm, struggling to become aroused, and struggling to maintain an erection. According to ATTN: the average age at which people lose their virginity is 17. "There are mostly, if not exclusively, psychological factors at play here, based on poor sexual skills that lead to a poor sexual debut, with lasting negative effects," said Patti Britton, president of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists and Los Angeles-based author of books including "The Art of Sex Coaching.".

And the researchers were quick to point out that there isn't enough evidence to say for sure whether waiting to have sex necessarily leads to sexual dysfunction down the road. They called making love “sacred” and premarital relations “beastly.”. Nov. 29, 2007 — -- While past research has linked early sexual activity to health problems, a new study suggests that waiting too long to start having sex carries risks of its own. Still, scientists have discovered patterns that indicate that those who lose their virginity later in life may suffer from some side effects.

Those who lose their virginity at a later age -- around 21 to 23 years of age -- tend to be more likely to experience sexual dysfunction problems later, say researchers at Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute's HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies. For men, the opposite message -- that "real men score" -- may lead to negative mindsets both among those who lose their virginity early and those who become sexually active only later -- mindsets that impact their ability to perform sexually. Rather, they note in the study, there may be factors common to both the delay of sexual activity and the onset of sexual dysfunction -- for example, they write, "[M]en with sexual problems may avoid sexual interactions and consequently start later.".

"Our results do not allow for causal interpretations," the study authors write.