Head to Moonshot Coffee in White Center, a distraction-free espresso bar that doesn’t have a lot of seating, but is usually fairly empty. La Marzocco Cafe is a huge garage space that doubles as the headquarters for KEXP radio, so the soundtrack you hear while you’re typing away is actually the live radio show in the room over. It also doubles as an all-day wine bar where you can drink frozen rose cocktails and local wines made from grapes grown in the Pacific Northwest.

At Seattle Coffee Works, we strive to make coffee better, in terms of quality, equity, sustainability and transparency.

Note: General Porpoise closes at 3pm, so get there early.

Maybe coffee’s not your thing. There are a lot of seats, baguette sandwiches, and if you can’t type one word without a latte in you, the matcha one is great. Massive windows let an insane amount of light into this space you can really only describe as cute, their coffee is sourced from places other than Seattle (which is a nice change of pace), and most importantly, the homemade filled doughnuts will blow your mind (get the lemon curd). Our four cafes proudly bear the name of their neighborhoods: Seattle Coffee Works (downtown) Ballard Coffee Works (Ballard) Cascade Coffee Works (Cascade/ South Lake Union) Just remember that you’re not trapped - there are a bunch of great South Lake Union coffee shops. Smart move. Salt & Straw to Open Third Seattle location in North Kirkland, Seattle Butcher Etana Diaz Talks Culinary Industry Bias in Hulu Documentary, Seattle Magazine Essentials: Wine, Fashion, Dining and More, Refind aims to be smart, sustainable and luxurious, Myths Versus Realities in Applying to College During Covid-19, Putting the ‘Social’ in Social Distancing. Drop us a line and let us know where you’d like us to go next. Just save your receipt from that cortado - you can probably write it off as a business expense on TurboTax. We may share information about your use of our site For your early morning starts, grab some Sunrise Tacos for breakfast here and get to work - there’s a room in the back that’s specifically meant for quiet time. Xmas - closed. QED is a few blocks from the general South Lake Union area, but it’s worth the walk for their great lattes and bright, colorful tables that make rainy days suck a little less than usual.

Vivace has the best coffee in SLU.

Kakao specializes in melting chocolate into 15 different possible drinks that range from a dark mocha to sipping chocolate made with 63% cacao. Our team of specialty coffee professionals is dedicated to helping you explore the world of fine coffee, in our cafes, or delivered to your door! Vitality Bowls is revolutionizing healthy food across the country.

If you’re not caught here during one of their movie screening/life-drawing/game night events, it’s actually a surprisingly peaceful spot to grab an iced mocha and get through your workload. It’s the kind of place that puts a lot of care into their coffee - they’ll even replace your … But on the inside, it’s a well-designed little space perfect for escaping when you want to make some headway on your to-do list. with our advertising and analytics partners. There’s an unlimited supply of corporate-looking backdrops for your new LinkedIn headshot and you never have to worry about where your next banana is going to come from. We may share information about your use of our site What to order this Thanksgiving if you don’t want to cook. Television Service Provider. Sometimes you just want to sit at a bar to do some work, but you don’t want it to involve cocktails or a bottle of wine, because that’s when your emails get really passive aggressive and/or question marks get typed out in multiples of six. Read our.

Whether you’re looking for pop-ups or takeout and delivery, The Hit List is here to help you find a great new spot to support. What to order this Thanksgiving if you don’t want to cook.

The most comfortable seats in the house are the sofa and chairs in the middle of the space, which end up being even more cozy with a mug full of liquid chocolate.

There’s an assortment of armchairs as well as personal and communal tables (vulture-stalk to get one by a window). Fulcrum Cafe is a relaxing place to drink coffee and work - the tables are made of marble and there’s a lot of expensive-looking wood everywhere.