Find premium, high-resolution stock photography at Getty Images. An interesting larvae in the family Tenthredinidae, and pest of orchards,,, Sawfly caterpillars eating plant leaves, Shropshire, England, UK,,, large rose sawfly (arge pagana) caterpillar eating rose leaves,, Caterpillar - Sawfly - Broadfooted birch leaf wasp ( Croesus septentrionalis ) on green leaf with copy space,,, Argidae,, Dorsal view of Sawfly larva (Nematinus luteus) on alder leaf. Argid sawflies, meanwhile, have a stout body.,, Large green sawfly (Perga affinis insularis), larvae, resembling caterpillars.

View top-quality stock photos of Gooseberry Sawfly Caterpillar Feeding On Currant Leaf. A Sawfly Larva Chew is Eating a Leaf. This extraordinary caterpillar's thin form provides camouflage under an alder leaf,,,,,,,,, Large group of caterpillars, sawfly larvae - spitfly grubs, of order Hymenoptera - in Australia,

Sawfly larvae look similar to caterpillars but are an entirely different kind of insect. Sawlfy larva in a garden, Chipping, Preston, Lancashire, UK. Close Up.

),,, Alder sawfly (Eriocampa ovata) larva on alder. A sawfly caterpillar in the family Tenthredinidae, camouflaged as a bird dropping,, Sawfliy larvae caterpillar, Tenthredinidae family, Craesus septentrionalis, feeding on hazel tree leaf, UK,, Eriocampa ovata, known generally as the alder sawfly or woolly alder sawfly, mimicking bird droppings,,, Platycampus luridiventris sawfly larva.

Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images.,, Sawfly larva crawling up blade of grass. Rose Sawfly Larvae, Arge pagana, Argidae, Symphyta, Hymenoptera, on a Dog Rose Leaf.

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Northwestern Tasmania, Australia, Tipperary, Ireland,, Large rose sawfly, Arge pagana, larvae in defensive posture on damaged ornamental rose leaf in summer, Berkshire, July,,, Young gooseberry sawfly (Nematus ribesii) larvae feeding on a jostaberry leaf,, Sawfly Caterpillars feeding on Curly Dock weed,, Solomon's seal sawfly, Phymatocera aterrima, larvae on damaged solomon's seal leaf, Polygonatum x hybridum,, Sawfly caterpillar resting on plant stem. A pretty Birch Sawfly Caterpillar (Cimbex femoratus) feeding on silver birch in woodland. Regardless of which family they belong, they look like caterpillars and they have false legs.

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This repository is populated with tens of thousands of assets and should be your first stop for asset selection.,,,,,, Spiky sawfly caterpillar in the family Tenthredinidae feeding on oak tree (Quercus sp. These insects are either resistant to the chemical substances, or they avoid areas of the plant that have high concentrations of chemicals. Pest.

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Powys, Wales.

Monophadnoides rubi, Rasberry sawfly larva on plant leaf underside. Caterpillar of Hymenopteran insect on Armoracia rusticana leaf,,, Oak sawfly (Periclista lineolata) larva. The weird looking pear slug, larvae of the caliroa cerasi sawfly., Cimbex femoratus, the birch sawfly caterpillar,, Rose sawfly larvae (Arge ochropus) feeding on leaves of roses,, Sawfly larvae caterpillars, Tenthredinidae family, Craesus septentrionalis, feeding on hazel tree leaves, UK,,,,,,, A pretty Birch Sawfly Caterpillar (Cimbex femoratus) feeding on silver birch in woodland,, Birch Sawfly caterpillar (Craesus septentrionalis),, An Iris sawfly larvae, Rhadinoceraea micans, on the leaf of a yellow or flag iris, Iris pseudacorus, with a further leaf showing damage done by larvae,