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Rudy Francisco is one of the most recognizable names in Spoken Word Poetry. I pretend that it’s Halloween.

As this poem demonstrates, you can still create magic within the confines of a more traditional format. Broken so you could learn a lesson you already should’ve known.”, “Five: Cupid is irresponsible, and I’m tired of him using me for target practice.”, “I have an odd fascination with sandcastles. I’m thinking about poems that are around three minutes long, poems that begin with some kind of fact, anecdote, or statistic, poems that introduce an image at the beginning and then loop back around to re-contextualize that same image at the end, poems that have a clear, specific thesis statement supported by a structural arc in which every new idea relates back to that thesis, poems that start softly and then build in intensity as they move (only to end back in a softer place), poems that use personal narrative to support some larger idea– all of these techniques are present here, as they are in so many spoken word poems (including my own), yet this poem doesn’t feel stale, or “samey,” which is the common critique of so much spoken word. That “traditional format” discussed above could also be called a formula. He has won several Poetry Slams and written four books of poetry: Getting Stitches, Scratch, No Gravity, and Helium. Reading a Science Article on the Airplane to JFK •... Dear Amy Nehzooukammyatootill, • National Poetry M... She asked me to kill the spider. This poem is part of HLP’s “Poem a day” series. The cup of Eliyahu • National Poetry Month. “A weapon will always be a weapon, but we choose how we fight the war.”. Please be advised that shipping to these countries listed in the link above may be delayed for extended time periods. And this is how the wolf cries boy.”. This is a longer entry than usual, but there’s so much good to say about this poem. And there is always danger in simply plugging into a formula– as so many of us do when we’re just getting started as poets and writers. A kaleidoscope full of colors that I don’t remember learning in elementary school. Sample Honest Poem - by Rudy Francisco. He blames you for his sadness. The Peace of Wild Things • National Poetry Month, The Pirate Don Durk of Dowdee • National Poetry Month.

This site uses cookies. With spoken word, we don’t always get a chance to do that. I want to say, getting out of bed has become a magic trick. Let’s break down what I mean by “traditional format,” because the tradition that I’m referring to is relatively young. “Being black is one of the most extreme sports in America. Error rating book.

High Point Shoulder (HPS Length) is measured from the highest point of the shoulder to the bottom hem of the shirt. For more information and to read other poems, please visit our repository. But as this poem demonstrates, the formula itself is just a tool; what matters is what substance, perspective, heart, specificity, and meaning we take the time and effort to put into it. Celebrating Duffy and Tartans During National Poet... After We Saw What There Was to See • National Poet... Dirge Without Music • National Poetry Month, Greg Rutter's Second Definitive List of The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You're A Loser or Old or Something. ... National Poetry Month, Rudy Francsico, She asked me to kill the spider, Twitter. In the spoken word and poetry slam community, I think a lot of us (especially those of us who have been part of the community for a long time) tend to get really excited about weirdness, experimentation, and pushing the boundaries of form and delivery. For more about shipping and international shipping times, visit the Button Poetry Store FAQ! Complainers by Rudy Francisco Theme Theme One of the main ideas in this poem is don't complain about the small things because people go through horrible tragedies and say, "it could be worse." She asked me to kill the spider.

), Dua Saleh – “A Peculiar Release” (Button Live). Rudy K. Francisco (Born July 27, 1982) is an American spoken word poet and poetry author. We need to be making the connections between gun violence and masculinity. I hope there is something beautiful on the horizon that’s just as impatient as I am. Enjoy this lovely poem by Rudy Francisco. Share your ideas with Chris by leaving comments on the blog or via, 3 am, outside Tonopah • National Poetry Month.

A moment that is diligently staring at its watch, trembling with nervousness, frustrated, and bursting at the seams, wondering what’s taking me so long to arrive.”, “If I could I would nail these hands to the edges of stars. “On the day you couldn't hold yourself together anymore, “Alternatives to “Bae” The one who wins all of the arguments, the keeper of the remote, the girl who turns my stomach into a butterfly nest, the pink Starburst, the one I will always choose first no matter what else is in the pack, the red Kool-Aid, the right amount of sugar, the pulp, the part that makes the juice seem real.”, “Remember, every year two million people die of dehydration. You are a sentence with no punctuation. 88 likes. Home.

It feels electric– partly because it does all of those “traditional format” things so perfectly (as though this were the platonic ideal of a slam poem) and partly because of its message, which is vital and incredibly timely.

All Quotes He was born, raised and still resides in San Diego, California. It makes a critique, and it also offers hope, all through the lens of individual experience (as opposed to finger-pointing or abstract intellectualizing).

As readers of this series may notice, we’re not just analyzing poems here; we’re exploring the tools that these these poets use that might be relevant or useful for aspiring poets.

I carve it into something acceptable. Quotes By Rudy Francisco. Something so eager, it wants to meet me halfway. So it doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty. Film Reels Burn Faster Than You'd Believe, but don... What Kind of Times Are These • National Poetry Month. tags: killing, kindness, mercy, spiders. David Strigl, an australian jogger was punched in the mouth by a kangaroo David Strigl In-Depth Look: Rudy Francisco – “The Heart and The Fist”. Sample Honest Poem - by Mrs. Amos (final draft) Sample Honest Poem - by Mrs. Amos (rough draft) Back to Top.

Drink it and stop complaining.”, “I promise I will love you as if it’s the only thing I’ve ever done correctly.”, “I’m just sorry that she had to be your fortune cookie. Remember • Poem in Your Pocket Day • National Poet... XIII ( Dedications) • National Poetry Month. This series is about taking that chance, and diving a little deeper into some of the new poems going up on Button.

Appreciating poetry is often about patience: sitting with a poem, meditating on it, and re-reading it multiple times. With spoken word, we don’t always get a chance to do that. of mercy.” ― Rudy Francisco, Helium. Mercy (After Nikki Giovanni) by Rudy Francisco

To read this poem, please click on the image below. No comments: ... Mercy • National Poetry Month; International Mail Service has been Suspended to several countries. I laugh and I say, “I’m doing alright.”, “They now know solitude does not scare people like us and our absence is something that we are not afraid to give to those who call for it.”, “I wonder how long it will take the planet to tell us we can’t live here and the locks are changed.”, “They now know solitude does not scare people like us”, “I am learning that the difference between a garden and a graveyard is only what you choose to put in the ground.”. Please check out Button Poetry’s privacy policy. Like “They now know solitude does not scare people like us and our absence is something that we are not afraid to give to those who call for it.” ... ― Rudy Francisco… And that’s cool; challenging ourselves and our audiences is a healthy thing. I am probably the worst magician I know. “Youth promises us immortality, but doesn't have the means to uphold its end of the bargain.”, “My hobbies include: editing my life story, hiding behind metaphors, and trying to convince my shadow that I’m someone worth following.”, “I hope I haven’t already driven past my greatest moments. I would sacrifice this body to the sky hoping to resurrect as someone spiteful enough to not care about you.”, “When People Ask How I’m Doing I want to say, my depression is an angry deity, a jealous god a thirsty shadow that wrings my joy like a dishrag and makes juice out of my smile.

Natalie Choi – “7 Politically Correct Cat Calls as Told by a Poet” (100K Views!

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