Tully writes very copiously in setting forth the good service which he did the Roman state, but not a word of his covetousness, of his affecting popular applause, of his pride and vain glory, of his mean extraction and the like. Psalms 73:4-5. Some regard the bands of death as hindrances as if it were said--They suddenly die, in a moment, nor are they racked with pains, as in Job 21:13. Ver. It is severe and very dreadful.

Ver. I should scandalise them, grieve them, and perhaps cause them to offend also. For, though they through diffidence are apt to give up their holy labours as lost, and all their conscientious care and carriage as utterly cast away; yet God is good to Israel. Violence covereth them as a garment.

Ver. You will understand the "end" of man, and trace the "way" of God. His pain had been intense; he says. 13.

Psalms 73:12-14. In the same way the prosperity of the wicked is taken as an encouragement to commit sin; for we are ready to imagine that, since God grants them so much of the good things of this life, they are the objects of his approbation and favour. Presented here is a verse by verse exposition of the New Testament. He is the strength of all thy comfort and courage, peace and happiness, salvation and glory. Mercies and afflictions shall turn to their good; the most poisonous drugs shall be medicinal; the most cross providence shall carry on the design of their salvation. He had said, in the hour of temptation (, 2. The false hearted hypocrite, indeed, that gives God only his tongue and lip, cap and knee, but reserves his heart and love for sin and the world, that hath much of compliment, but nothing of affection and reality, why let such a one never expect, while in such a state, to taste those reviving comforts that I have been treating of; while he drives such a trade, he must not expect God's company. Their position was dangerous, and, therefore, God did not set his friends there but his foes alone. As chastity distinguishes a virtuous woman from an harlot, so the true saint is distinguished from the hypocrite by his heart purity. Copyright StatementThese files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available on the Christian Classics Ethereal Library Website. This psalm, and the ten that next follow it, carry the name of Asaph in the titles of them. Oh, how wonderfully, how transcendently good is God to Israel! They that will to heaven, must sail by hell gates; they that will have knighthood, must kneel for it; and they that will get in at the strait gate, must crowd for it. Ver.

Go to, To report dead links, typos, or html errors or suggestions about making these resources more useful use our convenient, Spurgeon's Verse Expositions of the Bible, Commentary Critical and Explanatory - Unabridged, Kretzmann's Popular Commentary of the Bible, Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures. They may walk over the earth, but they will set their mouth against the heavens.

Ver. 2.

And then the sense runs thus: How ill soever things go in the world, how ill soever it fares with God's church and people amongst men, yet God is good to Israel. Job 20:5. They speak loftily. It is nor merely turning to God, and saying, "I have come to him." They sink others' eyes into their heads with leanness, while their own eyes stand out with fatness.

Ver. He who is ready to believe the goodness of God shall always see fresh goodness to believe in, and he who is willing to declare the works of God shall never be silent for lack of wonders to declare. Fourthly, when our whole affections are carried to God, loving him as the chief good. Pentateuch Cornelius Jansenius. Truly, or, more correctly, only, God is good to Israel.

I. 8. Sickly tempers must have a medicinal diet: to be purged both at spring and fall will scarce secure some from the malignity of their distempers.

In our way to heaven, we need not only a rule and path, but a guide. Robbers, it is true, can do the same thing; but then they hide themselves for fear. It grieves them greatly to see the enemies of God so high, and themselves so low, yet the Lord does not alter his dispensations, but continues still to chasten his children, and indulge his foes. 17-18. 879, "An assuredly good thing.". He is worse than other men, and yet he is better off; he ploughs least, and yet has the most fodder. Where is the justice of it? What's glory without God? George Horne. But the prosperity of wicked and unjust men, both in public and in private life, who, though not leading a happy life in reality, are yet thought to do so in common opinion, being praised improperly in the works of poets, and all kinds of books, may lead you --and I am not surprised at your mistake--to a belief that the gods care nothing for the affairs of men. It is not one isolated act. While corruptions are kept from breaking out into scandal, while the soul contends against them, and is humbled for them (as the psalmist was), this conclusion must be maintained: yet God is good. From their youth up these men, who deserve perdition, revel in prosperity. Ver. Spurgeons's The Treasury of David". The Gospels How are they brought into desolation, as in a moment! God’s sorrowing children have to drink of the bitter cup, while these proud ones are eating of the fat of the land. Men may not disbelieve a Godhead; nay, they may believe there is a God, and yet question the truth of his threatenings. 17. How can this be? Gotthold was invited to an entertainment, and had the hope held out that he would meet with a friend whom he loved, and in whose society he took the greatest delight. 21. Thou shalt guide me. All rights reserved.

2. Luke-Acts II. 24. Men are ready to flag in duty, yea, to throw it off, Romans 9:13, and Malachi 3:14; yea, in the way to blaspheme God; see Job 2:9, Malachi 3:13, Revelation 16:9.

From hence observe that when, God works a cure in man (out of love) he begins with, the heart--he cures that first. "Spurgeon's Verse Expositions of the Bible". The truth of this story I affirm not, but the moral is very good, for it shows that God is an indulgent Father to the saints when he most afflicts them; and that when he sets the wicked on high he sets them also in slippery places, and their prosperity is their ruin. General Epistles When men doubt the righteousness of God, their own integrity begins to waver. Two ways. John Sheffield, in "The Rising Sun." Psalms 73:17. 19. (3.) He is present always in power and providence in all places, but graciously present with some by his Spirit, supporting, comforting, strengthening the heart of a good man. It containeth the godly man's trial, in the former part of it, and his triumph, in the latter part of it. They are not in trouble as other men; neither are they plagued like other men. 3. We must be very careful not to say or do any thing which may justly offend, (3.) If I say, I will speak thus; behold, I should offend against the generation of thy children. Cookie Notice: If we consider with ourselves how unlikely a thing it is to grow big with riches, and withal to enter through the eye of a needle, how unusual a thing it is to be emparadised in this life and yet enthroned in that to come, it will afford us matter of comfort if we are piously improsperous as well as of terror if we are prosperously impious. 26. It is the presence of God which makes heaven: glory is but our nearest being unto God. Purity of heart is the characteristic note of God's people. He felt that his God was better to him than all the wealth, health, honour, and peace, which he had so much envied in the worldling; yea, He was not only better than all on earth, but more excellent than all in heaven. He owns it was his folly thus to vex himself: 2. He seemed almost to be sorry that he was a child of God, to be so roughly handled. Leisurely and habitually they traverse the whole world to find victims for their slander and abuse. As they were going over the bridge the angel flung the steward into the river and drowned him. 26. Thomas Thompson Perowne, in "The Essential Coherence of the Old and New Testaments." The original has in it no word of comparison; it ought to be rather translated, I was a very beast before thee, and we are told that the Hebrew word being in the plural number, gives it a peculiar emphasis, indicating some monstrous or astonishing beast.