The cartridge lasts 20,000 gallons before it needs replacing — or about every four to six months. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. Not filtering it! We constantly have to run copious amounts of water through the system in order to get rid of the BLUE WATER which means we are using much more water than we need.

I returned the product after trying to get it installed nearly a month. Waterboss 36,400-grain Water Softener System. And, while it has helped some, it has fallen well short of expectations. That’s 700 gallons of water a month just to keep your water …

I am happy to hear that we were able to take care of your request in a timely manner, and we look forward to serving your needs in the future. I waited 7 days for an answer to a leak in their equipment, I had to call every day, finally reaching a customer service representative that didn't have a clue about anything. I was told this system is a softener but the hard minerals stay in the water so it will not help with the dry skin from bathing. Bought this after good reviews from This Old House tv show.

NuvoH2O’s products range from $599 to $949. Additionally, I have copper pipes and right after installing a new citrus cartridge for the softener, the water tastes horrible. 9376 6045846555. I enjoy the clean taste of the water and how the water seems to clean my fixtures.

NuvoH2O is a good choice for consumers looking for drinking water as clean as you expect from a water bottle. I have not bought any bottled water since installing the Nuvo h20 and am thankful for not using all those plastic disposable bottles. The only good thing appears to be that 90% of the plumbing has already been established. Poor quality....probably an irregular defective product. I do not accept new technology easily and feel that I got exactly what the company said that I could expect. 14 The nuvoH2O softener is intended for the treatment of hard water with above normal pH, do not install if inlet water pH is 7.2 or less.

We found a plumber who was very knowledgeable in how to properly install the unit. Maybe I didn't do my homework well enough, but this system and its parts are NOT available in Canada and have to be shipped directly from Nuvo h2o across borders. I did not want to have to go to a softener and salt.

I equate using the NuvoH2O is like adding vinegar to your water (it does not smell or anything btw). It's like not having a filter at all for hard water.

I purchased the 1 to 3 people system and was installed in early February.

I will be going back to United distributors salt system. In addition, the filters do not seem to last very long at all, 3 months max which makes this system very expensive. We have had this system newly installed and I should have read the negative reviews more carefully! Because the head is still under water pressure. Don't blame the NuvoH20 for not providing a miracle. 2. Customer service was great in helping answer my questions before I purchased. Our water heaters does not pop and crackle like it has BBs in it anymore (I drain it yearly and it does not have much calcium deposits). I have been going through about 20 gallons before needing to change the filter (suppose to change when it reaches 006). He offered me several options to fit my needs. I was totally wrong. We spent several hundred dollars for a plumber to install the system.

We are thrilled to have you as a NuvoH2O family member and are so happy to hear you are enjoying your system. It does not lower the minerals.

However, we'd like to learn more about your situation and what exactly happened. Could not be more pleased. Jim G. We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying your new NuvoH2O system! I had to write this review because I felt the NuvoH2O company and the product was getting a bad rap.

In a word my experience was exceptional. As you can see on the picture where it started turning light blue/ white. It's customers like you that make our job wonderful. The toilet is still stained with hard water every week. it is well built and easy to replace filters. I wish I had read all the reviews online before buying this system. It does not soften your water. It's more like I notice when it is not working. Get buying tips about Water Treatment Systems delivered to your inbox.

$2000 later after the purchase price and installation we were ready to enjoy our investment. We considered the filtering to be a bonus. I tried explaining that to her and that I thought it was the filters they last sent that was the issue. Was told it fell under the lifetime warranty. 2. Believe me, if it did not work, my wife would have told me so! I received excellent service and a very compassionate act of kindness from the staff at NuVo H2O. My advice is to stay as far away from this product as possible. The customer support agent was not helpful.

They say I do not have enough pressure to make the system work right.

Nuvo H20 in my opinion expects people to install the system and hope it works as it is difficult to tell it is working afterwards. We both have diabetes which causes our skin to be sensitive to hard water (or alkaline) that is too hard.

Every person in your entire call center should be replaced!!! I really liked the idea of a 90-day money back guarantee too. SANSEI akl 20403300093 NEW ORIGAMI ANESTHESI MACHINE WITH CART MA 110EF ANESTHESI MACHINE WITH STANDARD MA 300 ANESTHESIA APPARATUS FO – 20S kl0403190444 D – 5F kl0403291460, blue moon bar & grill, llc rum runners dueling piano bar and grill r liquors h20 cafe publix liquor store #850 country wines & spirits valentino tradewinds water front bar & grill small daddy (the) acqua nel mare showgirls inc ola at sanctuary, Virgin Blue Holdings Ltd VBK:xetr VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG VCI:xnys Lyxor ETF World Water A LYMT:xetr Lyxor ETF DAXplus Protective Put LYQJ:xetr LYY9:xetr H20:xses Hoe Leong Corp. Ltd H24:xses Abterra Ltd H28:xses Hersing Corp. Ltd, Independence Blue Cross Water supply Oakwood Laboratories, L.L.C. I replaced my salt rejuvenation water softener system with the NUVO h2o system last spring. Bought some brand new towels and in no time they are feeling very "crispy". Allison Transmission. While water overuse is an issue for your wallet, it’s also a problem for the environment. This company has the worst customer service I have ever encountered, I have 40 years in contracting and these people just don't get it! No water sample or anything to lead me to believe what I was told over the phone, just expenses.

Unsubscribe at any time. When I realized what he had done, I spoke with very kind and compassionate representatives who listened to my predicament. If you have very hard water, please save yourself the money and frustration and don't buy Nuvo products.