We’ve also found nymphing either running a dry-dropper or 2 nymphs run deep are quite good. Big Rock Resort (760)648-7717. #14 black or chrome/red were best. I just feel a ton of confidence with them. Simplicity is key at this time of year. The last couple of seasons I have been fishing more black beetle patterns on the Met because of my success with them on the lakes. Stop by and check it out sometime. Report: Author: 11-2-2020: 7 + Pounder on June Lake Mike Kinbery checked in with us today after... more » Fish Reports Staff: 10-26-2020: That's A Wrap!

We have cabins for all size groups, an RV park, a Cafe with fabulous food and a general store to meet your needs. Keep an eye open for them because they can be sneaky but important. NDOW Southern Fishing Report. Mike and Laurie and their daughter Alicia along with the help of Pedro and Edder have got a heck of a beautiful spot on the lake to stay and fish out of. So much wind, a little rain and a little thunder and lightning. Some lodging has reopened with hopefully more to come. ... Closed until Jan 1, 2020. by DOUG BUSEY / Carson Now. Plenty of trout plants, warmer weather and water temps, and mild fishing pressure have made for ideal conditions. Fishing and conditions report for Lake Lanier, Georgia from Southern Fishing with Ken Sturdivant. Temperatures are going to drop 20 degrees from today to tomorrow. Mostly Caddis, but good hatches of Drakes and Yellow Mayflies (epeorus) with some stonefly action mixed in there too. Fall River is always a great bet this time of year. Since then on the last 5 days of guiding my clients are catching kokanee in the 6 to 8 inch range. Euro Nymphing is excellent, especially in the upper river and down around Bridge 99. The “Covidity Confusion” is becoming a bit clearer as days go by here in The Loop. But afternoon action picks up with Callibaetis hatches and spinners around lunch time for an hour or more. The NDOW has planted the lake with 10K lbs of trout within the last couple months. The Silver Lake Resort is a full service resort in June Lake, CA. Most of the fish have been on small nymphs, but swinging a small black wooly bugger or leech has been effective too. East Lake is finally seeing the 1st Callibaetis hatches of the season. Was that you at the Shevlin Park pond the other night? PS- we’ve sure been appreciative of all the customers who have come in with masks on. Thanks for being patient during our closures, and thanks for being respectful and keeping us all healthy. June Lake Marina is now closed for the season. We are fully stocked for all your fishing needs including the “Fly Shop Inside”. Wow!!! Most fish were caught under an indicator, but some on a Hover or Camo Intermediate line stripping or drifting. Shallow water hard bottom adjacent to windblown mud flats have been the ticket. The Metolius is fishing well. LAKE LANIER IS DOWN .62 FEET, THE MAIN LAKE AND CREEKS ARE STAINED & 60S. The warmer the day, the shallower they will move up. What a stretch of odd weather we have had on Vermilion.

I am sitting in the newly remodeled and expanded fly tying room in the fly shop, listening to the wind pick up and the skies darken as a front pushes in over the Cascades and into Central Oregon. eater fish, slots, and overs have been concentrated in predictable areas. I was guiding Hosmer this week and maybe it’s the full moon, but the morning fishing/bite was off. Bass - Smallmouth are staging in shallow water of 2-8ft. This means on some days there is a fair amount of having to clean weeds off your hook. Thank you for all you do. The “Covidity Confusion” is becoming a bit clearer as days go by here in The Loop.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Water temperatures have been fluctuating about as much as they ever will. Nor Cal Fish Report Grant Lake Fish Report for 11-2-2020. I heard from some friends they drifted the EL Camp Ground shoal with good success and picked up nice fish between the shoreline and the hump. Its frustrating when so many of the rainbows are trying to spawn on the shorelines because they are not feeding really and they are vulnerable. Yes, there are still some bow’s going through the motions, but there aren’t as many meaning those fish have entered the feeding society of the rest of the fish in the lake and are acting normal again. www.NorCalFishReports.com © 2020. Water temperatures have been fluctuating about as much as they ever will.

June 3, 2020 Lake Elevation 3605 Water Temperature 71-75 F. We confirmed that striped bass spawning began last week. As usual about this time of year his mantra is “Fish Harder”. Seems late to me, so hopeful we will see them get going next week. There are just a few beginnings of callibaetis and black caddis starting to hatch now. They are also killing it on Euro Jigs and Perdigons.