)I have a bowl that I made many, many, moons ago in High School and I am refinishing it and was planning on using Danish Oil.Thanks for your response. If you do not wish to accept cookies from this website, you can choose to not allow cookies from this website by updating your browser preferences. Many woodworkers believe a cutting board surface is never truly finished because the oil is a continuing treatment, not a finish.

0000099932 00000 n | Copyright I'm a big fan of walnut oil with/without beeswax. "Tung Oil Finish" is a marketing expression for products that the manufacturer thinks will give you a finish like the finish you get from a true tung oil.

Behlen’s salad bowl finish is primarily Tung oil but does have solvents which evaporate in about 72 hours. I haven't found it in gallon sized so I've gone to the General Finishes product. Obviously we’re not talking about storing food in wooden containers long term. Behlen's here. Please read product labels for additional directions and precautions before using, Get Rust-Oleum updates on your Facebook wall, Copyright 2018 Rust-Oleum All rights reserved, This website uses cookies and other tracking technologies (also known as pixels or beacons) to aid your experience (such as viewing videos), I have used Watco Danish and Teak oil finishes on bowls and platters. Sneaky Too. This makes it possible to apply Danish oil in less time and in fewer coats than tung oil. Share your tips and challenges ... Before you pick up those woodworking tools, take the time to ensure your safety in the shop!

Have you had to compromise your project... On the lathe, by the lathe: do you have questions? It … It has very good durability and has multiple functions.

-- Half of what we read or hear about finishing is right. 0 It remains still making it safe for food items that we use for eating. I am a big fan of the Bioshield products. Manage Consent. google is your friend:you would have to google the particular brand you want to use prior to use. Looking for help with ... Are you unsure of which tools, or hardware, you need, or which brands to buy?

I have a lot of new things to check out. Manufacturers don’t always list all hazardous chemicals used in their products in section 3. and get away with it legally! Even then they are considered food safe. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker, Popular Woodworking: Oil Finishes: Their History and Use; Bob Flexner. Thier Herbal Oil and Countertop finish are both great. Some mineral oil is considered "food grade" and can be applied safely to wood that comes in regular contact with food, such as butcher blocks and wooden utensils. If it’s going to be used as a serving bowl, or maybe a salad bowl, I’d use a hard finish like a urethane. in communication from Alma College. Ed Pretty coming off the compost pile, you have witnessed the kind of heat that can build up when things de-compose and are kept bunched together.

Composition/information on ingredients, not a chemist but know would not use these products! Both oils can achieve the result of a finish on your woodwork, but maintenance and durability as well as the amount of time invested in finishing the item is one big difference between tung oil and Danish oil. I like the Behlen better, since it doesn't darken the wood quite as much, in my experience anyway. as well as “performance cookies” to analyze your use of this website and to assist with marketing efforts. 0000007467 00000 n Please read product labels for additional directions and precautions before using, Get Rust-Oleum updates on your Facebook wall, Copyright 2018 Rust-Oleum All rights reserved, This website uses cookies and other tracking technologies (also known as pixels or beacons) to aid your experience (such as viewing videos),

Tung oil may be a better choice for wood products that are often in contact with human hands. It soaks in well and cures in the wood to form a water resistant finish that can be replenished when needed just like mineral oil. In raw form, tung oil is an effective coating for woodwork that requires a hardened, protective seal.

But when it comes to putting cheese and charcuterie out for your party, a hard finish like urethane, lacquer or shellac is not going to taint your food if the finish has fully cured. Danish oil is an oil-varnish blend.

Because Danish oil is a mixture of chemical varnish and mineral oil, it should not be used on wood products that come in contact with food. These "Tung Oil Finishes" may or may not contain some true tung oil, but most do not contain any true tung oil. It is certified EN71 toy safe.

I was wondering about refinishing a bowl that I had made in high school with Danish oil. It is very secure because it is considered among hard drying oils means it converts into solid form through polymerization. a challenge, perhaps?

Latest Forum Topics. I strongly suspect that both the Watco Tung Oil and the Old Masters Tung Oil Varnish are very similar products in that they are both a Tung Oil, Varnish and Mineral Spirits blend. This new solution also dried quickly. Most “Danish” oils are made from a base of Linseed oil or possibly Tung oil which are both food safe after they have cured (they don’t dry they cure when exposed to oxygen) to make them cure faster “dryers” are often added and most dryers contain heavy metals. | These oils are often made from distilled petroleum or other mineral sources. It is a resin-based tung oil finished (not pure tung oil) and is also a food safe wood finish when dried and fully cured. 0000003078 00000 n They might have differences, but they should be similar. Heres what I use on anything food may come in contact with. Nope. Linseed oil on its own is normally purchased as boiled linseed oil. WATCO® Tung Oil Finish will quickly and easily restore and enhance the natural color and warmth of wood in only a few steps. It is clear in … Tung oil can be applied in several coats to achieve a hardened seal on wood. 0000003579 00000 n You must log in or register to reply here. a tip/strategy to share? This forum is for all the woodturners out there. Need a break from all the standing and wood dust? %%EOF

One thing not provided by finish manufactures is fully cure times for their finishes!

Clearly there were some who under-stood the hazard, but probably some who didn’t. 0000120211 00000 n We just don’t know which half! It has an excellent wood penetration power and provides strong resistance against moisture. This oil-based blend gives your wood a very professional look and enriches its grain! For cutting boards and the like, I use a mixture of 1 part parrafin wax to 10 parts mineral oil. Questions and answers about CNC machines, tooling, best practices, and projects. Unless the label says 100% tung oil, you really don’t know what’s in the can/bottle.

0000005120 00000 n You can oil it first if you want that look, but a hard film will be better for the topcoat. xref this mix of parafin and "snowproof" makes an old leaky pair of leather boots waterproof as well.

0000004529 00000 n Varnish is created by cooking an oil with a resin to make a blend that is durable and hardens upon drying. http://www.behlen.co.uk/safety/B603-00014.pdf, https://generalfinishes.com/sites/default/files/documents/files/2017-04/sds-salad-bowl-finish-general-finishes-ghs-us-hcs-2012-v4.3.2-2014.pdf. Applying several coats of tung oil is recommended, and it takes more time to apply tung oil because each coat should have 24 to 48 hours to soak into the wood and dry. Tung Oil was invented by Homer Formsby in 1965 (Formsby’s Tung Oil Finish). 17 36

I usually apply 3 to 5 coats for the first finish. 0000062641 00000 n 0000001899 00000 n A Danish oil application will remain durable for many years due to its blend of oil and varnish.