The Hypergeometric Distribution Calculator is a free online tool meant to assist you by displaying the mean, variance, standard deviation for the success probability without replacement. successes of sample x x=0,1,2,.. x≦n In terms of the formula used. Therefore, we plug those numbers into the Hypergeometric Calculator and hit the Calculate button. The calculator also reports cumulative probabilities. Calculates the probability mass function and lower and upper cumulative distribution functions of the hypergeometric distribution. That is the probability of getting EXACTLY 7 black cards in our randomly-selected sample of 12 cards. Along with that, “N” is the total number of draws which have to be done. If you have a look at the concept of hypergeometric distribution, it is very similar to the binomial theorem. “K” is the number of successes that have to be attained. After withdrawals, replacements are not made.

How does this hypergeometric calculator work? The hypergeometric calculator is a smart tool that allows you to calculate individual and cumulative hypergeometric probabilities. Hypergeometric Distribution is a concept of statistics. The algorithm behind this hypergeometric calculator is based on the formulas explained below: 1) Individual probability equation: H(x=x given; N, n, s) = [ s C x] [ N-s C n-x] / [ N C n] 2) H(x