Note: The Auto-Brew function can be canceled at any time: • Press the AUTO/PROG button a second time or,, For the best answers, search on this site

We're here. 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker.

Streamline your mornings with the BELLA Pro Series 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. It was a bean that fell into the water reservoir and from there to the outbound tube. When the appliance starts brewing, the green LED BREW light will continually flash and the LED AUTO ON light turns off. All I drink is Brita that good. 1. Release the button once the desired hour is displayed. All Rights Reserved To check the preset auto time, press the AUTO/PROG button and the preset auto time will be. Even if you just have any Black & Decker coffee maker with a timer, I'd really like a step-by-step on this; explain it to me like I'm 5, because I want that coffee brewing before I climb out of bed. The pre-set AUTO ON time will disappear after 3 seconds and the time of day will show on the LED control panel. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. 2. The green LED light above the button will illuminate and the coffee maker will start to brew at the pre-set auto on time. Press the AUTO ON button for a minimum of 3 seconds. We're here. Press the AUTO/PROG button again holding it down for several seconds until the AUTO/PROG.

Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. DualBrew … Press the AUTO/PROG button and the green light above starts flashing. 12 Cup programmable coffee maker. All Rights Reserved Programmable up to 24 hours in advance – wake up to fresh coffee, Pause and serve feature allows quick pours while brewing. Coffee makers essentially work by passing hot water through ground coffee beans. Ultimate Elite Collection 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker. Press the AUTO ON button. If this is your first time, it should be near the digital display. The green LED light above the button will illuminate and the coffee maker will start to brew at the pre-set auto on time. Sustainable and Reusable permanent filter basket, no more paper filters. Press and hold the SET button to scroll through the numbers. If you’ve been using your Gevalia coffeemaker successfully, you probably know where it is. Press the AUTO ON button again to switch off the function: the green LED light will disappear. The hours in the LED panel will start flashing. If that doesn't work, it may be defective. To automatically brew coffee at the same time the next day, prepare coffeemaker for brewing. 1100 watt brews 14 cups in minutes This function can only be activated if the auto on time and the time of the day have been set.

The coffee maker tubes block when the aluminum heating tube is clogged with calcium. To set the minutes, press the AUTO ON button.

With its 1100 watt brewing system and programmable function, you will wake up each day to freshly brewed and ready-to-serve coffee. This indicates the timer is activated. Featuring a 950 watt brewing system, 24 hour programmability and easy to read back lit display. The Bella 12-cup Programmable Coffee Maker features 24 hour programmability and a convenient 2-hour auto shut-off. Email us and we will answer as quickly as possible. If had to pick between: Milk, Juice, Tea, Coffee, or Water? 2 Park Way & Route 17 South - Suite 3AUpper Saddle River, NJ 07458, USA. Classics 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker. The pre-set auto on time disappears after 3 seconds. Still have questions? You can sign in to vote the answer. Featuring a 950 watt brewing system, 24 hour programmability and easy to read back lit display. Bella coffee makers may fail to heat when one of the heat sensitive switches is faulty. Use the same procedure to set minutes and seconds too if needed. Easy to read, viewable water window with indicator lines, Easy to clean nonstick, stain-resistant warming plate. I've tried every combination of sequences in regard to steps, left it on, left it off, etc., and it won't brew at the time I set.