The catalog is meant to be a tool for exploration of scales …

Watch as I walk you through an example of how to approach learning scales in my video below…. It’s the scale you will learn to play in almost every Native flute songbook or workshop. -------------- Features both one-octave and two-octave versions.

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Concert Bb Major One Octave Scale and Arpeggio &b b Full Range Scale &bb Scale in Thirds &b b Arpeggio Exercise &b b b Concert Eb Major ... Poston Scale Packet- Flute- Jenn Bock 7. - Major scales done for evenness 9in triplets, groups of four, using metronome, chunking into one-inch chunks, using metronome to create new rhythmic groupings, add pauses, and change accents etc.) And I meet tons of flutists every year who agree. This is the basic scale for most of melodies for Native American style flute. - Intervals, all slurred, gradually getting wider and wider.