Not have falsified their application or personal history forms. I am trying to become a game warden. Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Institution, Student Access/Disability Services (SAIL), Cyber Security & Digital Forensics Center, watch a replay of our Parent Preview event, Computer Science & Information Technology, COVID-19 Reporting & Contact Tracing Procedure, Green Dot Violence Intervention Initiative, visit the EFSC Scholarships section of the website, EFSC is an Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Institution, Law Enforcement Academy Assessment Process. so through the online Titan Scholarship system inside the myEFSC portal. Applications for Law Enforcement academies are accepted throughout the year. Be minimum 19 years of age. See the Student Services Guide. Brevard Police Testing Center 3865 North Wickham Road Melbourne, FL 32935 | 321.433.5638 The Law Enforcement Academy at Eastern Florida State College----- BROWARD COUNTY BASIC LAW ENFORCEMENT ACADEMIES Fort Myers, FL 33916, .NET Application Development & Programming, Web Application Development & Programming, Major Appliance & Refrigeration Technician, Southwest Florida Public Service Academy’s web site, Southwest Florida Public Service Academy’s website, Crossover from Law Enforcement Officer to Correctional Officer, Kurt Graf, Law Enforcement Program Coordinator. There are other ways to make paying for police academy attendance more easily manageable. against COVID-19. Police Testing and Selection Center (BPTC), which handles all applicant screening, Some programs may offer ‘payment plans’ to spread the cost over a number of months. at St. Johns River Community College. or other forms of assistance. There may also be state or federal financial aid programs available including student loans, grants or scholarships.

3800 Michigan Avenue Fort Myers, FL 33916 (239) 334-4544 FAX: (239) 332-4839 The first cost that prospective police academy students will have to deal with is the application fee and related charges. Tuition, uniforms, lab fees, supplies and living expenses for several months or most It takes a lot of education to prepare for a career in law enforcement. For questions about residency please contact Eastern Florida State College's For more information, visit the Southwest Florida Public Service Academy’s web site. against COVID-19.

Other eligibility requirements are defined in greater depth in the Selection Center Policy Manual. Uniforms cost … Police officers spend a lot of their time preventing criminals from succeeding; they often work in dangerous and chaotic conditions. The Indian River State College, Criminal Justice Institute is certified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to conduct authorized Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission courses, to include the Law Enforcement Basic Recruit Training Program, or more commonly known as the Police Academy. COVID-19 Update: EFSC's Fall Commencement will be virtual, celebrated Dec. 17 online COVID-19 Update: EFSC's Fall Commencement will be virtual, celebrated Dec. 17 online In-state tuition rates only apply to those who can prove Florida residency for at least 12 consecutive months. Recruits must also demonstrate proficiency in the DUI Traffic Stops course and in the high liability courses (vehicle operations, first aid, firearms, and defensive tactics) and participate in the Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission (CJSTC) Physical Fitness Program.