People would cut off a chunk to go with their dinner.”. Utah We get bigger, stronger, faster every day. We are really missing mountains–and nice scenery in general ;)–ever since moving to Texas. We might as well use it for the real world,” Osborne added. We believe that archaeological sites must remain open to the public for them to gain the full appreciation of “those who came before”. She had 36 first cousins and most of them lived in Southern Utah so their family visits to the Sugarloaf turned into big parties. Address: 765 W State Street, Hurricane, UT 84737 Phone: (435) 635-5106 Love this team! Soon the various classes began painting their year of graduation on the rock — 1913, 1914 and so on. !#OnTheRise Thanks CC, you will have to check out our hiking page too! If you are visiting St. George …  +  It became something of a competition, with various classes erasing the graduation year of their rival classes. “At the end of the day, life is more important,” Osborne said. Intermountain Healthcare. Call him at 435-674-6296. :-). 84770 Heading outdoors is one of the best ways to unwind. You'll want at least 2 8ft slings, a little bit longer would be good, to hang a carabiner over the ledge (minimizing wear on the rope). In order to quell the conflict, school administration and student leaders decided to instead paint “DIXIE” on the rock rather than a specific year. This looks like it would be a fun day in St. George. .hide-if-no-js { “I like telling my guys to look out to see what they represent.”. The Dixie Red Rock is located above the city of St. George in what is known as Pioneer Park and offers beautiful views of the city and the surrounding area. That isn’t Hacker’s only fond memory of the Sugarloaf. Nominate Someone for a FOX 13 Dream Team Surprise. Shortly before her high school graduation, the seniors in her class went there for their “senior sluff day.” They spent the day near the Sugarloaf and put on skits. setTimeout( Shivwits Band Member Glenn Rogers will guide a short hike on the Tumpi'po'op Trail to petroglyph panels above the Santa Clara River. It has "DIXIE" painted on it in big white letters. ST. GEORGE, Utah – The Dixie State football team just happened to be in the right place at the right time Friday. We had no idea that God put us here to pull a young lady to safety today. Pioneer Park in St. George (with Dixie Rock). One grandchild's favorite thing is to cross the small metal bridge that links a lower rock to the Sugarloaf, providing easier access for those who want to stand on top of the iconic formation. Names aside, the 360 degree view is absolutely stunning. You could easily spend the better part of a day hiking and exploring the area, and for the most part the trails are easy enough for novices and children. It’s such a fun place to visit with kids of all ages. In St. George, Utah Dixie Rock is the perfect place to explore – it’s been a favorite of outdoor adventurers for years. })(120000); This 52 acre rustic community park is a rock climber’s paradise. This also means that the public must be able to visit archaeological sites and view them “in situ” in order to appreciate value of the resource. There really is something for everyone. She was among the lucky students who had a chance to help paint the word “DIXIE” on the Sugarloaf. “There would be lots of college girls up there trying to get a suntan,” she says. Click to find a great deal for this hotel. All rights reserved. Only seniors were allowed to do it and even then your name had to be picked out of a hat. Dixie Rock (which is a big red rock with DIXIE written on it and also called Sugarloaf) can be climbed and gives beautiful views of downtown, the St. George Temple, Zions National Park, White Dome and even to Arizona. Contact Us. Local historian Douglas Alder says the name came from the formation’s similarity to an actual sugarloaf — a form of sugar familiar to many settlers from Europe. The Sugarloaf is a large red sandstone rock formation on the north side of St. George. It was a reward for involvement in various school activities. Later, around the turn-of-the-century, an eatery was established near the center of town called The Sugar Loaf Café. They would often build a fire to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. I was really surprised to see how busy it was (being Friday night maybe I … Time limit is exhausted. to view homes for sale in the area visit Music: While is has become an iconic spot for both locals and tourists, Alder says its history isn’t as significant as some sites like the old St. George Opera House or the historic cotton mill in Washington City. “I had never rappelled before so going off the edge was a little bit frightening,” she says. There are several areas to park. When Dixie College and Dixie High School became separate institutions, the college kept the “D” on the Black Hill while the high school took over the responsibility for painting the Sugarloaf. We were like, ‘what’s going on?’”. Boma Johnson passed this last August. One of the most fabulous and FREE places to visit in St. George is Pioneer Park. He also helped us understand the geology of the St. George region. Things 2 Do in Utah 13 subscribers How do you define the culture of downtown St. George? Post was not sent - check your email addresses!