It smashes into the building, but the building holds. And everyone started running towards the sand.

I have dreamt of tsunami for 4 times already in a different place, with different people. They can all give clues and contexts as to why you are dreaming about the Tsunami tidal wave. I lost my mum and dad and spent a long time trying to find them before being reunited. To be in the middle of a flood indicates that you are being overwhelmed by these feelings, whilst watching a flood suggests you are watching yourself. My mum was talking to one of my best friends so I went over and we were all talking about who we lost. However, before my mom is secured and before I’m fully braced against the receding tide, I awake. All of a sudden this huge tidal wave comes out of nowhere- it’s brown.

I think so far mine is the scariest.

When i turned around to look at the beach I saw some people from school and then I saw the wave. Then i woke up. 11:17 am. As water is a symbol of emotions, tsunamis indicate getting the feelings out of control and getting overwhelmed. Whether the wave represents emotion, change, or something or someone else, to you the implication is that you are in the thick of it now and you have little to gain by running away or denying it.

The same tsunami and waves came and the waves started to beat on the house door.

It wasn’t a hard hitting tsunami but water was rising very fast. So we run together to the building but the waves hit us, we keep on going but the water current was soo strong but eventually we escaped from the waves and then suddenly we end up in place quite a scary place and we both got on a fishing boat N we found out the boat is illegal and it’s from China and we can’t go out from it or else we’ll get caught.

Just me and her. I recently moved from California to South Carolina to be with my husband. The Element Encyclopedia, Copyright © - 2020 When I looked back at the tsunami it was not that big. If you dream that you are attending or going to homecoming, this represents your attempts to achieve happiness. The tsunami is clear blue water, and I never feel scared after it.

I was in a wooden ship with my husband and a few other people I knew (their identity was not clear to me). when my dad and I resurface, we were right be the french family and I asked my dad if the giraffes were okay and he told me that the french mom told him that all 3 of the giraffes were decapitated by the force of the wave because they got hit where the wave crashed. Slowly the water came rushing, then I was awaken.

After that we ran to the sand and climbed up these steps. I’m usually with my family, or sometimes with random people trying to escape. The wave now becomes so gigantic that it makes the day turn to night and so I grip myself to the door to give all my strength to hold against it. I remain calm and collected, prepare by plugging my nose to the onrush of water and by grabbing my mother’s hand to comfort her.

As a parent, I can tell you that I know that kids are resilient, but there are sometimes feelings under the surface that I won’t ever know about And be able to do something about unless my children tell me about them. It keeps getting rocked by these massive waves, but doesn’t break. If you are in a place of change in your life; it can be a positive note stating that you will start life anew in the aftermath. this where it gets crazy though all of sudden a nuke hits supposedly stopping the tsunami but with consequence of making another massive bloody tsunami about 10x bigger than the previous one that was dissipated to which there’s zero possibility from running from and me and my whole family accept it and all have a family hug then…. When me and my sister got home, I realized that the large waves meant a tsunami was on its way, so I knew we had to get to high ground. I planned to escape out of the second floor (top floor) window, but then the dream suddenly stopped and changed to a completely different dream. Its in the distance for most of the dream, of which the family and I spend time preparing, knowing it will be futile. Famine and drought dreams can also indicate that you are emotionally drained in waking life.

I just dream an earthquake then come by tsunami and heavy rain; I jump and run out the away, to ask everybody to run but no want listen, they can’t hear what I am saying.

I woke up.

Their assistance will be blocked and too late to be of any help. If you are wondering what it means to dream about a tsunami, you should know that this is often related to the emotional aspects of your life. This was my dream from last night. This dream reveals that there are people who are against you. Read more beach in dreams.

I could see people being swept away. If a person sees himself as becoming the owner of will animals and these animals are under his full control so that he leads them to wherever he desires, it means he will become the leader of a people.... Islamic Dream Interpretation.

I dreamt of a tsunami tidal wave. But then this girl just walked off down into the water and a bit later the water went down too, I don’t know what happened to any of the other people but the girl before she went said that “she could handle it” and after all the water was gone I saw that the blue haired girl was just standing, she was fine and was at the bottom of the hill I couldn’t see anyone else though but I woke up after that and then came here, because not too long ago I had a different dream about a tsunami, but was pretty similar to this one, I’ll explain it quickly.