This approach has been successfully demonstrated in the area of thrombosis by the direct thrombin inhibitors (Figure 28.14) Ximelagatran (Exanta) and, more recently, Dabigatran etexilate (Pradaxa). Get the latest public health information from CDC: the Equilibrium among Benzonitrile, Alcohols, and Benziminoethers. Interestingly, 10 000 equiv. DOI: 10.1021/jm2001053. Save any article or search result from DeepDyve, PubMed, and Google Scholar... all in one place. In collaboration with Astex, structure-based drug design led to 24 with the ethyl linker required for optimal filling of the P1/P3 pocket (Fig. Acetylation of the latter with acetic anhydride followed by hydrogenation of the resulting acetyl derivative (25) in the presence of Raney nickel catalyst and alcoholic ammonia yields the 1,4,5,6-tetrahydropyrimidines (26) [27]. Urea-Hydrogen Peroxide (UHP) is a solid reagent that upon dissolving provides free H2O2.[1].

radical addition, 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of TMSN3, and

initial oxidative coupling of the terminal alkyne with the secondary amine, This was supported by computational studies which provided the lower energy profile in the case of such a dual activation, relatively to a nucleophilic AMM involving an acyl–TBD intermediate.106,108 TBD would thus simultaneously activate both the alcohol and the carbonyl group of the cyclic ester by H-bonding. Amidines can be prepared Significant variation of both coupling partners is possible, allowing the synthesis of a diverse array of substituted products. Studies on histamine H2 receptor antagonists. Carroll Temple, Conrad L. Kussner, John A. Montgomery. H2-receptor antagonist activity of N-methylthiourea, N-cyano-N'-methylguanidine, N-cyanoamidine, N-carbamoylamidine and N-sulfamoylamidine 5-substituted thiazole derivatives on guinea-pig atria. Interestingly, sequential ROP of cyclic esters of different reactivity employing TBD could be achieved at room temperature. The chemistry that led to the formation of 187 was adapted readily to the preparation of triazine analogs 192 in which both Ar1 and Ar2 could be varied (Scheme 28) <2001BML2229>. 4-Phenyl-2,3-1H-benzoxazine-1-thione 227 was prepared by the treatment of the corresponding benzoxazine-1-one 226 with P2S5. The condensation of amidines and guanidines with 2-halobenzaldehydes 880 provides a short direct route to 2-substituted quinazolines 881, although sometimes yields are only moderate <1997JHC385, 1999SL1993, 2002CHE1014, 2004CHE888, 2006JME5671, 2006JOC3959>. Synthesis of Nitriles and Amidine. The aromatic diamidines (5a-f), thus obtained, were found to exhibit varying degrees of antiprotozoal activities [7–9].

of the technical-grade unpurified TMC monomer could be almost quantitatively polymerized in the presence of 200 equiv. The molar mass distribution of polycarbonates prepared in bulk was slightly larger than that observed for solution polymerization, owing to the higher probability of side reactions such as transesterification and/or transcarbonation reactions. In a Phase 1 multiple ascending dose (MAD) trial, AZD3293 was dosed for 14 days in mild to moderate AD patients at 15, 50, or 150 mg.59 At steady state, the mean effective half-life was 16–21 h. Significant amyloid reduction was seen in plasma and CSF at all doses tested. Fig. A highly efficient, mild, copper-catalyzed multicomponent reaction The bioavailability of Melagatran, the active drug molecule, following oral administration of Ximelagatran was 5–10 percent in rats and ~20 percent in humans, with low intersubject variability [77].

1257-1258. The 5-propynyl-3-pyridinyl group in 30 has a deep interaction within the S3 subpocket which leads to subnanomolar cellular potency, translating into a larger in vitro margin to hERG inhibition of 30 versus 29. Of these compounds, furan (8c) and [(diaminomethylene)amino]thiazole derivatives (16c) were found to be more potent than cimetidine in both assays. ChemInform

9). Recognizing that the core, amidine containing structures play a crucial role in the druglike profile of the final compounds, AstraZeneca has published on their workflow to identify novel promising amidine containing cores.53 Profiling of de novo designed ideas was carried out as an iterative creation and prioritization process of core structures using in silico models for permeability, hERG activity, and BACE1 inhibition, followed by a manual evaluation of metabolic liabilities and synthetic feasibility. Hall, H.J.M. The amide product readily hydrolyzes to the carboxylic acid so high yields can be difficult. NLM

sulfonyl azide, and amine. Since 2-alkylsulfinyl [1,3,5] triazines 194 can be substituted easily in various ways, this approach constitutes a novel and efficient synthesis of 2,6-disubstituted triazines 195 <1998TL5725>.

Pyridyl- und Piperidyl-histamine.