Create email marketing campaigns like a pro with our easy-to-use features. Boost staff morale and increase sales by incentivizing your staff. Not everyone's a fan of the email inbox, but what about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social properties? Spread the word through email marketing, print ads, and throughout social media. One simple, inexpensive marketing approach is sending a holiday card to wish customers a happy holiday season and let them know about your holiday promotions. This is like an add-on, you can Gift a token of love to your Special customers, like Small goodies, sweets, with a new year card to make them feel unique.Attach your restaurant contact number card with it.

Some of these stunts are so eye-poppingly crazy that they’ve even managed to catch the attention of national news networks. Offer creative restaurant promotions, which have been a hit ever since Coca-Cola handed out the first coupon for a free Coke in the late 1880s.Today’s consumers are still enamored with an enticing deal – nearly 57% of millennials actively hunt for restaurant coupons. Here are four truly outstanding restaurant promotion ideas that are pushing the boundaries of traditional restaurant marketing. Best Restaurant Marketing Strategies- It’s very common for restaurant owners to get a bit lost when trying to think of ways to attract more customers to their tables. One customer went so far as to tattoo the Taco Bell slogan on his arm! (Depend on how smartly you beat the competition…) The holiday season is the best time to boost your sales by utilising unique new year restaurant promotion ideas that can be implemented with fewer efforts and prove fruitful for the business.

This new year offers cashback to your customers, here at Bingage we are offering cashback loyalty program in which you can create a digital wallet of customers and start giving them cashback as purchase reward. You can also send out text messages to remind customers of each week’s holiday deal. How COVID-19 Will Change Consumer Eating Out Habits? A new menu item, an exclusive beer, or a new spin on a favorite cocktail are all reasons to celebrate. Pic a theme and decorate accordingly. Act as a collection point for the drive and promote your involvement through email and social media. to Morton’s, asking them to meet him at the airport gates with a porterhouse, he wasn’t expecting more than a handful of retweets and replies. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(3023698, 'd4b01a2f-cdc2-4337-8df3-678856341d9a', {}); 12 Easy and Creative Restaurant Promotion Ideas, Message and data rates may apply. Plan and promote your new year event on social media. Modern restaurants are leveraging technology, social media, and customer curiosity to create some truly offbeat promotions that have earned them plenty of retweets and follows. Be the first to rate this post. Here are a few ways to extend the benefits of your promotions with a little forethought: One of the best times to ask patrons to stay in touch is when you're doing something nice for 'em.

Promote your charitable partnerships with an email campaign that introduces customers to your partner charities. Try a giveaway contest where you ask people to tag their favorite dining buddy! Then, repost on your own social media channels to entice new visitors to come in for a meal. It’s a win-win for diners and the restaurant. They’re also most easily reached with SMS communications. Have people sign up to participate via SMS. The Constant Contact guide to online marketing for restaurants is filled with tips that can help you showcase your holiday promotions and improve your everyday marketing efforts. Plan a special event where your excellent service, delicious food, and welcoming ambience are the guests of honor. Publish the data on your website and social media platforms.

There’s no end to the creative restaurant promotions you can deploy via text message. You can put together some of your most popular dishes or go off-menu and create a takeout menu brimming with traditional favorites. Create restaurant promotion ideas and specials for your richest appetizers and best booze. A Repeat customer has 10X times worth than a new customer. 17 Funny & Creative Example of Restaurant Chalkboard Signs, 17 Funny & Creative Restaurants & Bars Chalkboard Signs. Morton’s Steakhouse did and earned themselves national news coverage with a well-timed viral restaurant promotion. For example: Make sure you include a mix of discounts that appeal to different customer segments. Ask for a Free Demo Now! But let's say you think of a similarly creative promotion idea.

Choose a handful of your most frequent, loyal customers and send them an exclusive, high-quality gift. Building a strong base of repeat customers is key to beating the odds. It was a big bar with a lot of really cool sailing stuff scattered about -- a trip to the restroom felt like a trip through a museum.

These are the places they'll find out more about similar events going on at your restaurant in the future, so it makes contextual sense, too. Copyright © 2013-2017 NextRestaurants and The Rail Media. Morton’s Steakhouse did and earned themselves national news coverage with a well-timed viral restaurant promotion. Include a handwritten note encouraging them to order catering for their holiday meals or come in for your special holiday menu. You can always scan social media for unique opportunities to design a one-of-a-kind viral restaurant promotion, and you might just land some invaluable media coverage! It often happens parents are busy taking care of their child and do not enjoy completely, one thing you can do is make a side platform for kids offering fun and entertainment activities for kids. 1 min read. Put those photos to work for you! Get the tools and guidance you need to find new customers and keep your regulars coming back for more. That's the kind of bar or restaurant everyone wants to have in their life, amiright? The smartest way to be in trend & to catch the attention prospects. And for that, you don’t need to create a completely different menu, instead of that use creative Restaurant chalkboard signs put it in outside the restaurant and start advertising. Or choose a pop culture phenom and build a special menu around it. Personalised marketing campaigns can go well, offer personalised vouchers to your loyal customers to make them feel special.

These creative holiday promotion ideas for restaurants can help you stand out from the crowd and build lasting customer relationships. When blogger and Geek Factory CEO Peter Shankman jokingly tweeted to Morton’s, asking them to meet him at the airport gates with a porterhouse, he wasn’t expecting more than a handful of retweets and replies. And that’s because promotions will most likely increase your sales and workload, but not necessarily your profit as well. People must be searching for the New Year events for 2019, it will be great if you add your name too! Always keep local regulations and CDC recommendations as a priority when developing your holiday marketing plans. 41% of diners post photos of their food at the table, according to Zagat. Reward people to spread the word about your restaurant like your existing customer come with a new customer and the second one make a transaction, the first person will get a special voucher. While the owners can get very creative with their restaurant promotion ideas, having the right tool to set them up can be quite a challenge.

And of course, remember that no matter how you decide to get creative with your promotions this holiday season, keep your staff and … A study by Eventbrite, 56% of people decide new year’s party venue at the last minute so, Christmas is a good time to promote your restaurant’s for the new year. Topics: Full Service Restaurant, Restaurant Marketing, Social Media. Throw in an extra incentive. A new menu item, an exclusive beer, or a new spin on a favorite cocktail are all reasons to celebrate.

A flyer on nearby car windshields? Another way to support several nonprofits at once is by donating a percentage of sales to different charities on specific dates. Sarah Bricker Hunt is a content creator specializing in business administration, financial advice, online marketing, non-profit, and consulting services. I had a free Sunday and nothing to do last weekend, so I went. This is a classic restaurant promotion tactic.