The large aquarium holds 5000 liters of water. If a metal part is quite brittle and the part will be subjected to repeated tensile loads, would you select ''ECM'' or ''EDM'' for making it? What from Chartres Cathedral survived the devastating fire of 1194? Engine oil (mu = 0.20 Pa.s) passes through a fine 2.60 mm diameter tube that is 8.60 cm long. Give an example of how the fashion industry is attempting to be more ethical. The friction head loss in the 200-mm-diameter, 4-km-long pipeline is 3.3 m for every 500 m of p... Identify three aspects of medieval life that are seen. The stockout level increases as the safety stock increases. Find the magnitude and exact... A student makes a scale model of a large aquarium. (a) Ability to withstand high temperatures (b) Wear-resistant (c) High tensile strength (d) Noncrystall... A Mechanic who was building a lightweight dune buggy needed some high strength aluminum parts. What else is this symbol used for? A 2003 poll of 500 found 250 in support. c) Both? b. Average score for this quiz is 4 / 10.Difficulty: Difficult.Played 1,221 times. a.) Some of the main topics are listed below: 11 chapters | Discuss what this statement means. r = tan(theta). The extent of a continent's coastal waters depends on the size and relief of its continental [{Blank}].

The demand for product S is 100 units. Using non-custom parts. An empty balloon and its equipment weight 50 kg, is inflated to a diameter of 6 m, with a gas of density of 0.6 kg/m^{3}. Given this information: Lead-time demand = 590 pounds The standard deviation of lead time demand = 43 pounds (Assume normality.) Which of the following foods is a good source of nonheme iron, but very little of the mineral is absorbed by the human intestinal tract? Explicit teaching c. Encouragement d. Withholding help. From town C, the bearing of A is 072^o and the bearing of B is 128^o Town B is 160 \ km from C and 250 \ km from A Calculate the... Do you think the fact that the United States is more unequal than other rich countries is an advantage or disadvantage? The development and application of MRP depended upon two developments: (1) the recognition of the difference between independent and dependent demand, and (2): A. A 180 kW motor requires 2.0 minutes to lift a 10500 kg load if bricks 218 m. How efficient is the crane? Identify the levels and identify 'usage quantity' when more than 1 unit is needed. An electrical pump is used to empty the pool. A hairdryer turns 250 J of electrical energy into 50 J of heated air. Bond Bill has 7 years to maturity, whereas Bond Ted has 24 years to maturity. | {{course.flashcardSetCount}} Each unit of S requires 1 unit of T and 0.5 ounces of U. Give... 4. Is there some equipment available to measure surface roughness? (Choose all that apply.) Revise the statement to make the message concrete: We have received numerous inquires. What is the power supplied by the engine if the coefficient of friction is 0.3? The result of formation of a region of low pressure developed on the downstream side due to separation of flow is......................... State any two general recommendations in the manufacture of a product. Given that the ERP (Enterprise resource planning) system has limitations. You have a budget to purchase 1,000 sweatshirts for your department. What changes are necessary? Take the Quiz and improve your overall Engineering. Specific weight b. Density c. Specific gravity (Hint: 1 liter = 0.001 m 3 , acceleration of gravity g = 9.81 m/ s 2 , specific wei... A flat plate with a length of 1 meter is placed in a wind tunnel at sea level conditions. Explain your answer. You will receive your score and answers at the end. m = -3, h = 0.80. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal Builder Products, Inc., manufactures a caulking compound that goes through three processing stages prior to completion. A comprehensive database of more than 33 construction quizzes online, test your knowledge with construction quiz questions. Calculate the slope between points A and B. At what angle is such a hill inclined above the horizontal? One of the most popular enterprise systems i... Do fluid molecules include solid molecules? Complete the following time-phased inventory record.

Can you identify some ideas that can help us... A pump is used to deliver water from a large reservoir to another large reservoir that is 5 m higher. Define and explain the following terms: Galvanic erosion and wet corrosion also explicitly mention the differences. What is the difference between a church and a cathedral? (Hard and soft wood). Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree, Which of the following is not an advantage of email?

Biological and Biomedical Explain how economic well-being, environment, and ethics all interact to contribute to sustainable development. Why is it that market economists are not able to protect the environment efficiently? Kennametal CIO complains that they paid maintenance for nothing. The inclined differential manometer of the figure contains carbon tetrachloride. What unit of measure is most commonly used on metric drawing? Analyze the benefits and problems that it would have for any business. Define sustainable development, specifically in terms of fishing in an ocean environment. Do metropolitan areas contain rural land? 500 and 700 units will be built in May and June, respectively. b. How many feet tall is the Empire State Building? a. The break command: (a) Will work on lines and arcs (b) Will work on closed objects (c) Can have the same first and second breakpoint (d) All of the above. Explain. The pressure inside the reservoir is 139 kPa, and t... A man weighing 60 \ kg lifts a body of 15 \ kg to the top a building 10 \ m high in 3 minutes. At what angle must the road be banked? (BTU). This energy is converted into electricity with an efficiency of 18%. Thin sheets of zinc need to weld, Which type of flame is best suited for this task? Is 0.5-3.00 \ mm considered thick or thin? a) Liver b) Fat-free milk c) Spinach d) Red meats. Which tool is better for fine boring: polycrystalline diamond or carbide tool? Not as hard. (a) estuaries (b) marine terraces (c) atolls (d) tombolos. The wind tunnel is set to a speed of 25 m/s. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Test your understanding with practice problems and step-by-step solutions. Air flows steadily from a reservoir at 20^{\circ}C through an isentropic nozzle of exit area 20 cm^2 and strikes a vertical plate as shown below. The pitch of a roof is the number of feet the roof rises for every 12 feet horizontally. You have located the following information on Webb's Heating & Air Conditioning: debt ratio is 63 percent, capital intensity is 1.20 times, the profit margin is 11.6 percent, and the dividend payou... A fountain sends a stream of water 20 m up into the air. Two mercury drops (each of radius r) merge to form bigger drop. Describe two types of polymers. What were zoning laws designed primarily to do? What are the functions of iron in the body? Increasing the number of custom parts and subassemblies. Soften the crystal structure. In the hydraulic system shown in the figure below, the piston on left has a diameter of 4.4 cm and a mass of 1.8 kg. © copyright 2003-2020 How can zoning affect job creation? Plank's Plants had a net income of $10,000 on sales of $100,000 last year. Comparing the hardness of natural and synthetic diamonds, natural diamonds are _____. Do you think that humans should make a greater effort to protect the habitats of other species? What is the basic difference between the chemical and... Three members are bolted together (2 flanges and a gasket) with the respective stiffness as follows: Flange 1 = 3000 kN/mm Gasket 2 = 3000 kN/mm Flange 3 = 3000kN/mm What is the value of the st... An advantage offered by composites is _____.