Exercise 3.

(comma – intro phrase) . .trip, the man . . These exercises were created with Hot Potatoes software.

If you believe punctuation should separate the two words, then add a comma in the box. Interactive Exercise; Keep track of your answers with this accompanying handout. . COMMAS – EXERCISE 3 Directions: Read the items below. The problems involved in this operation are, I think, numerous. 1. If you believe no punctuation is necessary, put an X in the box. Exercise 1. ('Animals' here include birds, fish and insects.)

garden, I plant two rows each spring. ANSWER KEY – GRAMMAR EVALUATION 3 1. 2.. .

. Feeling tired from the long trip the man decided to stop driving and take a quick nap. 3.. We will go to t he restaurant now ,for we are very hungry. I saw lions and tigers in the zoo. .

Commas. The dog is running in the field. 1. Since . 4. The correct ways to join these two sentences are . 3. Interactive Exercise; Keep track of your answers with this accompanying handout.

If a sentence needs no comma, write "correct" in the text box. . Your answer: 3. Major Comma Uses - Exercise 3 Directions: Rewrite the below sentences on the given line, placing commas where commas are needed. I do not like biology ,nor do I like chemistry. "Don't worry honey " said Mom.

2. These clauses are separated by a comma before the conjunction “but”. 4.. 1. Look! 5. 2.

Exercise 2. Check your answers with the interactive version of the exercise. page 6 Exercise 4 Students’ own answers 1D Grammar Verb patterns Exercise 1 page 7 1 going out 2 to see 3 to watch 4 to finish 5 laughing 6 to go 7 to help 8 doing Exercise 2 page 7 1 studying 2 to learn 3 doing 4 studying 5 to go out 6 taking 7 going 8 lying Exercise 3 page 7 2. . 1.. We can go to the zoo, or we can go to the movie theater. Correct answers are in bold. Since I like to eat fresh spinach out of our garden (fragment) I like to . The cat has caught a mouse.

Answer : Comma Exercise 3. 3.

To get tickets for some Broadway musicals, one has to order three months in advance. 5.. They like chocolate ,but they like vanilla better. 1. 4.

. The bird is singing in the tree. 3. ENGLISH GRAMMAR WORKBOOK – ANSWER KEY 2009 Maria English Society Page 2 Exercise 3 Pick out the nouns that name animals in these sentences. Celene, who does not usually tell anyone what she feels, said she didn't want to go to the dance. or . Answer Key Comma Splices and Fused Senteces - Exercise 3 For help with any item below, refer to this part of the Comma Splices and Fused Sentences page.