Seo Woo and Assistant Lee prep the table in the courtyard. Disclaimer: This site DramaID does not store any files on its server. Subtitles. How was trying on a ton of outfits helpful? He leaves. Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2018. I am not always big on romance ( i like movies where things explode ). At the end of the episode, it looks like Ha Won is on the verge of accomplishing her mission. Wow, that was close! The vicious stalker followed Hyun Min and Ha Won on their shopping spree. Ha Won steps out of the dressing room in a pretty dress, then shorts suit, etc. He’s worried about her mental state. Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) is the nice guy but he won’t eat with his cousins. She thinks Ha Won is Hyun Min’s finance. He saved Hye Ji from the oncoming truck. Seo Woo tells Ha Won the three cousins are close and she should forget about getting them closer.

The housekeeper says that Ji Woon prefers to not be a home and when he is at home, he’s in his room. He wasn’t in this episode too much, but I can’t wait until we find out how/why he considered to be a knight. PAIN IN THE BUTT HYE JI—I find Hye Ji to be emotionally unstable and extremely annoying (she drives me bananas too A.D.DO!). Don’t get me started about Hye Ji allowing herself to be almost being hit by a truck because Hyun Min took Ha Won to dinner, bought her an outfit, and was concerned when Ha Won burned her hand. Ha Won’s plans blew up in her face as the boys did not want to eat together, despite all her efforts to entice them. He is correct. The story seems to be moving at a snail’s pace. The soundtrack is really good! A fun and light-hearted, romantic comedy that's worth watching. Hye Ji compliments Ha Won’s outfit. Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) is the kindest of the cousins…he handsome, but his hair and clothes don’t make him stand out.

The first few episodes promised you … He leaves. Ha Won tell Assistant Lee she’ll have to switch to plan B. What’s plan B? I agree totally…where’s the emotional impact?? Ji Woon recalls arguing with Grandfather about turning his back on his former life and embracing his new family. She’s surprised to see Ji Woon behind her. The next morning Seo Woo leaves for his photo shoot and finds a bagged breakfast with a note wishing him luck from Ha Won in his van. He gets a phone call and leaves.

She invites him to have a meal together. Two of our Knights squabble over Cinderella. Hye Ji says Ha Won is different from his typical girlfriends. I always wait for your recaps ! Grandfather wonders how Ha Won will get all the cousins to eat a meal together. I got halfway through episode 5 by the time I was fed up. Drive the cousins crazy. They come out of their rooms to find Ha Won, Assistant Lee, enjoying their favorite foods.

Hyun Min looks into Ha Won’s eyes and says she’s becoming more and more amusing.

I couldn't decide between 4 and 5 stars, but because it isn't one of my top favorite series, I chose the 4-star rating. On the day of her graduation, Ha Won realizes that she didn't fulfill her side of the bargain, and leaves Sky House.

Hye Ji and Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) enter the courtyard to visit Hyun Min. She tells him that she won’t give up. Hyun Min and Hye Ji eat dinner. Does this cheese off anyone else? Imagine my best Nelson, from The Simpsons, voice saying to the evil stepsister *Ha Ha*. She sends a group text to the cousins that reads “Let’s eat together. ❤. She hopes to become a teacher which her late mother always wished for (her mother died in a car accident). They stare into each other’s eyes. Wanna bet it bothers him? The forced retreat is here, and the Kang Cousins come willingly. Error: please try again.

He tells him today is Ha Won’s birthday. Hyun Min is concerned. Series Cinderella and the Four Knights always updated at DramaID. She doesn’t think that Ji Woon has accepted with the idea of being related to Grandfather. Select the department you want to search in. You will probably understand rather quickly which ones I am referring to and luckily one out of the lot redeems himself while the other two just bug the straight s#iT out of me till the bitter end. He’s only having fun with women. *RANT OVER*, Face reality Hye Ji, you sulking, whimpering fox, Hyun Min is no longer interested in you—nobody likes a clinger and your sulking, pouting behavior is NOT attractive. Cinderella and the Four Knights Episode 4; Niga Cheoeumiya Episode 4; Shinderellawa Ne Myeongeui Gisa Episode 4; You're the First Episode 4; 니가 처음이야 Episode 4; Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 4; Cinderellawa Ne Myungui Gisa; Eun Ha Won is in her third year of high school with dreams of becoming a teacher. Ha Won is surprised when Ji Woon enters the ladies room and asks her if she enjoys Hyun Min’s attention and what he can buy her. Ji Woon thinks about what Ha Won told him. Now we see what really happened the previous evening. Assistant Lee is surprised. It was so undeniably cute in several parts.I found myself smiling and giggling all throughout. Does he only think of his emotions and hurt others in the process? At dinner, no one shows. At least Seo Woo is kind to Ha Won. She doesn’t want to accept this gift.

Her friend is a Seo Woo fan and is jealous Ha Won can eat with the object of her affection.

Ha Won isn’t enjoying her job! 9. Seo Woo joins them next.

Ji Woon sees Hyun Min bending to kiss Ha Won. He suggests they go on a date after the meal, she’s not interested. I liked the sign! She wonders if he’ll answer something for her. And yes, Ha Won saw that as fruitless too. Ha Won's new assignment is to get the boys to go on a trip together. Ha Won ponders all that she has learned.

7. That’s a good line. If so and these two kiss, Ha Won risks being kicked out of the house and Hyun Min risks losing his credit cards. DramaID - Nonton Drama Subtitle Indonesia, Copyright © 2020 DramaID. Rate. I’ve got Mars on the watch list! Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. He looks into her eyes and says she’s becoming more … Hyun Min realizes that Ha Won isn't enamored with his money and finds her irresistable because of it. I’d recommend giving it a shot. I did however find this series charming. Ha Won uses her injury to her advantage. Seo Woo is the nice guy. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. The housekeeper tells her Hyun Min has been eating alone since he was a child, so eating with others is not comfortable. MISSION NOT ACCOMPLISHED…YET— Hyun Min and Seo Woo came to dinner on their own, thinking they were individually having dinner with Ha Won. Assistant Lee states the mission is impossible. Rate. We may see the pedestrian mowed down by the truck; the truck may stop dead in front of the pedestrian; or in this case, a hero (Ji Woon) pushes the pedestrian (Hye Ji) out of the way. A potent "love square" emerges. Unattached from There’s a budding family in the Kang household, and Ha-won is right at the center of it. Rate. Hyun Min says Ji Woon likes to heal hurts.

Ji Woon intends to get what could be his last chance at a date with Ha Won. Love the recaps tho, kjtamusings…more fun than the ‘reel’ thing! Episode 1 63m. He bends to kiss her but Ha Won knees his knee. He tells she’ll fail at Grandfather’s missions. Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) wants Ha Won out of the mansion. I simply ❤ the way this green-eyed, horrible stepsister keeps getting the ‘in your face’ revelations of Ha Won being acknowledged by the Kang family and staying at Sky House as a guest. He wants her to leave. Grandfather counters that co-workers aren’t family or friends. Hyun Min declines stating he won’t eat the clams. 5. When the food comes Hye Ji wants to send the clams back because they aren’t cooked to Hyun Min’s taste. I would think the lack of tire skid marks indicating the driver did not attempt to stop would result in a greater judicial punishment.

At first, it seemed like an easy mission, but the more she gets to know them the harder it seems. This show is one of my favorite romantic comedies. Seo Woo finds one of Ha Won’s coupons and sees that she’s carefully dried all her things. Hyun Min leaves his room and Ji Woon follows snatching the drink from Hyun Min’s hands. She calls upon Ji Woon who saves damsels in distress. Ji Woon asks if Hyun Min thinks of Hye Ji as his woman. I wish this drama can make ha won lil bit prettier than hye ji..i don’t like ha won hair style which is like old grandma and her same outfit is totally piss me of -.-. She decides to battle them head to head. Ha Won agrees to move into Sky House, but is trepidatious about what will meet her there.