Finally, the CKC is a communication organization informing all people interested in dogs.

Proceeds will go towards the Canadian Chow National.

(GCh AM GCh JOSOL’S TITAN CGN ex LIONBEAR’S SIERRA), Ch Josol’s Threads Of Gold (CY642780) 25 Sep 2016 GCh Nyan Chow’s Espressivo A Tempo. (Ch Spindrift Cassanova In Black ex Ch Dragonslayer Tais Sunny Dee, Ch Mi-Pao’s Marcus (AS533908) 01 Jun 2014

(Am CH PARADISE I’M NO ANGEL ex Padows Govenor Of Alaska), Ch Commitment’s Holy Diver (1129253) 30 Apr 2016 (Eliksiirin Willi Wiikinki ex Ain’t She Cute From Chowheaven), Ch Woodland’s A Dollar And A Dream At Ky Ching (15000153) 06 May 2016 Each spring, there is an annual meeting of the membership and a National Specialty show with over 250 Chows in competition. (Am CH Incipit Paramount Yankee Doodle ex Ch CINCERE XLNT’S SADIE ROSE), Ch Dragonslayer Tai’s Sir Winston (BU581458) 21 Aug 2015 Top-CHOW-2007 Chows-2010 Chows-2011 Chows-2012 Chows-2013 . (Pulland Bearde Yakka ex Unique Black Rose Del Fiume Giallo), Ch Mi-Pao’s Red Panache (AC502725) 31 Jul 2014 (Rio’s Make It Work ex Rio’s Valio La Pena), GCh Mi-Pao’s Jasper The Bear (DA648795) 19 Aug 2018

(GCh AM GCh JOSOL’S TITAN CGN ex LIONBEAR’S SIERRA), GCh Beshia’s Guardian Angel (DU683397) 18 Aug 2017 The company's principal address is 102 Parkside Drive, Waterdown, ON L0R 2H1 CA.

(Ch Shanghais’ Black Is Back ex Shanghai’s Prissy Missy), GChEx Spindrift Mr Independance RN CGN PCD (WJ296313) 26 Oct 2013

(Ch Mi-Pao’s Csardas ex Mi-Pao’s Cream Ursula), Ch BESHIA MAGNUM PL AT CHERRYLAND (AW550461) 28 Sep 2014 (Rio’s Laters baby ex LIONBEAR’S CANADIAN WINTER), Ch Beshia’s Ho Ming (EG712216) 12 May 2018 (GCh Nyan Chow’s Espressivo A Tempo ex Ch Masterpiece Say Goodnight Gracie O’Micmar), Ch Beshia’s Guardian Angel (DU683397) 04 Jun 2017 Clubs in the U.S.: The Chow Chow Club, Inc. — The AKC-recognized national parent club of the Chow Chow breed in the U.S. New England Chow Chow Club; North Texas Chow Chow Club . GERMANY: Chow-Chow-Club in Deutschland e.V.

(Rio’s Ready Or Not Here I Come ex Rio’s Boogity Boogity Boogity), Ch Beshia Holy Chow Im Hot Micmar (BQ582532) 04 Jun 2017

(Ch Tin Pan Alley Fly Me To The Moon ex Zizhan Miron’s Zsa Zsa Zara At Tin Pan Alley), Ch Chum-ee’s Treasured Edition (16000254) 12 Aug 2016 (Ch MI-PAO’S CREAM NUGGET ex MI-PAO’S CAPRICE), Ch Mi-Pao’s Cream Star (EQ725214) 04 May 2018

Ch Dragonslayer Tai Gold Standard (AW537055) 24 May 2014

DENMARK: Dansk Chow Chow Club - DCCK .

(GCh Mi-Pao’s Wendell ex Ch MASTERPIECE SAY GOODNIGHT GRACIE O’MICMAR), Ch Dreamland’s Drive It Like U Stole It (14000709) 02 Aug 2015 Chow Chow Club of Canada . (Padow’s Signed Sealed And Delivered ex Padow’s Madison At Cincere), Ch Beshia’s Kai Kahanu (WY344774) 01 Jun 2018

(Ch PAZZAZZ’S RUDYARD AT TAI ex Dragonslayer Tai Midnite Majic), GCh Chowridge Embers Copper Rose (DJ661433) 11 Aug 2017 We belong to the Chow Chow Club of Canada Inc,. (GCh AM GCh JOSOL’S TITAN CGN ex LIONBEAR’S SIERRA), Ch Nyan Chow’s Time Works Wonders (1131469) 21 Oct 2016

(Nyan Chow’s Aile D’Ore ex BESHIA PHRYNY FISHER NYANCHOW), GCh Commitment’s Holy Diver CA (1129253) 27 Oct 2017 GChEx Commitment’s Style In Play RN (1117200) 01 Aug 2015 (Rappabacken Baishan ex Black Gadget of The Royal Club) 2014. Group % 1988-2007. (MI-PAO’S CREAM IVANHOE ex MI-PAO’S MUSCARI CREAM), Ch Rio’s Winter Storm Warning At Cincere (17000362) 05 May 2018 Champion. CHOW CHOW CLUB OF CANADA, INC. NATIONAL SPECIALTY SHOW&SWEEPSTAKES ANDJUNIOR HANDLING Sunday, June "2014 Ottwell Curling Rink and Driving Range 4205-102 Ave., Edmonton, Alberta Our Judges All Regular, Non-Regular, & Altered Classes, June 1 Roberto del Puerto Espinosa 2023, 1 A, CP1427 Capital Federal, Argentina Juvenile &Veteran Sweepstakes, June 1 Terry Inch as well as the Chow Chow Club (USA). (Ch DragonSlayer TAIS DRAGONCHASER ex DRAGONSLAYER TAI’S BLACK RAVEN), Ch First Lady Cunami (1133275) 31 Jul 2016

(Ch DRAGONSLAYER TAI GOLD STANDARD ex Ch BESHIA’S ADELL BY CHOWRIDGE), Ch Rio’s Morgan’s Mystique (17000361) 12 May 2017


UNITED STATES: The Parent Chow Chow Club, Inc. © 2000-2020 - All rights reserved. Become a member of the National Club and be part of the future of our breed. (BESHIA’S TAMA TOA WARRIOR ex IVORY LACE BESHIA O’LIONBEAR), GCh Nyan Chow’s Time Works Wonders (1131469) 09 Sep 2017

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ITALY: Associazione Nationale Italiana Chow-Chow, NETHERLANDS: Chow Chow Vereniging Holland, SWITZERLAND: Schweizerischer Chow Chow Club, UNITED KINGDOM: The Chow Chow Club of Wales, UNITED STATES: North Florida Chow-Chow Club, UNITED STATES: North Texas Chow Chow Club, UNITED STATES: Pacific Northwest Chow Chow Club. (Ch SPINDRIFT CASSANOVA IN BLACK ex DRAGONSLAYER TAIS CASSIOPIA), Ch Master Yoda (Velasco) (1136502) 18 Aug 2017 Chow Chow Club Of Canada, Inc. is a Canada Corporation.

It provides registry services for all purebred dogs it officially recognizes.

Chinabar’s Tickle Me Elmo (LY773504) Sept 20 2002, (Dawnanda’s Retro Charlie ex Ch.Sevenacres Angel At Chinabar), CH.

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