They are on the bigger side, green-skinned, pear-shaped, and tasty. Sometimes the selection and quality is terrible, but sometimes it’s excellent. Also, avocado flowers are primarily pollinated by bees, and bees readily fly between trees that are 50 feet apart. Would appreciate any information that you might wish to share!

The Nabal trees I know are not so wide spreading like a Fuerte, and neither are they more upright like a Bacon can be.

Thank you so much for your response. And you’re right about the tree looking weird, but it works. I live in Sunland, CA, in a very sunny area where the sun is strong all day. I’ve found that 30% shade cloth over the top of young trees is enough unless it’s over about 105 degrees. I’m considering a 6′ X 10′ planting. I just put down the mulch and leave it be.

(and even Home Depot) you can get a Reed avocado tree grown by La Verne or Durling. Thank you for your article.

be classified into two types of cultivars, including the A-type and B-type.

I was trying to think of any varieties that can’t be kept to 10-12 feet tall, but I’m at a loss. But I’ll definitely write profiles of them when I feel like I know them well enough. Unfortunately, they do not have a webshop, but I was able to call them, and they spoke both French and English. Is there a simpler way. Until a few years ago it was the most popular avocado in the United States. Will the new leaves burn? Ettinger is a large, pear-shaped, green-colored fruit with smooth skin and a big seed. The Hass has a ton and the Fuerte as well. Both ornamental and fruit trees are being affected, Its only about 8 miles to the Tijuana River valley from here which I’m told is having a serious problem with shot hole borers, hope I’m wrong but that may be the problem.

I read through your post on protecting avocados from the cold, so we’ll be prepared for the cold nights next winter. The infographic below gives a better indication of those 15 avocado varieties more easily found commercially. It may have something to do with the Gwen tree being a bit wimpy during extreme weather compared to some other avocado varieties. And I started reading about rootstocks. Elizabeth. A couple other options might be Fuerte and Bacon. I’m also wondering if I might be happier going with a pair of smaller trees that let me enjoy avocados closer to year-round. Lots of great Hass are grown in nearby Morro Bay.

Our water on the Mesa is exceptionally hard, and I’m wondering if perhaps we should try a Lamb or Reed instead, or how salt tolerant a Fuerte is? Hass is amazing in this way. I’m sorry but even though that farm has Sharwil avocado trees growing, the trees are too young to have a substantial crop and so they haven’t started selling the fruit. I made one for my mom in her backyard about six years ago and it’s doing well. Also I love Fuertes, but only if you have a big yard. features a pale green flesh with fibers and has a mild flavor. It belongs I didn’t protect my Reed with shade cloth when I first planted it, and my paint protection was not enough to prevent the top being seriously burned so I lost about 18-24 inches on the top. difference between the types of cultivars lies in the pollination behaviors and Just to imagine your future for a second: You’ll be eating SirPrize avocados around now in March, then you’ll switch over to GEM sometime around late spring, then you’ll end the summer and head into fall with Reeds; oh, here comes the next crop of SirPrize fruit starting to blacken its skin and tell you that it’s time to pick. The dimensions are just slightly smaller. It’s crazy that these bigger nurseries carry many more inferior varieties, such as Zutano, while less frequently have Reed. Reed also stays green when it’s ripe. They have plenty of space, but I’m leaning towards the GEM, since it’s so easy to get a hold of Hass at the markets. So I’m only guessing here. Cliff. Thanks so much in advance texture. I’d probably still go Fuerte. The two main differences between Bacon and Fuerte are that Fuerte tastes better but Bacon is more productive.