After a brief foray into country music with 2018’s Golden, Minogue makes a triumph, perhaps preordained, return to the dance floor with the pointedly titled Disco. Now infamous for its over-the-top gore and cheesy effects sequences, The Evil Dead is most impressive for Raimi’s unnerving wide angle work and his uncanny, almost unreal ability to suggest the presence of intangible evil via distant headlights, bleeding light sockets, and, in the film’s most awesome set piece, a simple game of cards. !—Costello’s fourth album in all, and third with his touring band, bore a distinctive R&B stamp. A top-five album on both sides of the Atlantic, Permanent Waves also spawned the hit single The Spirit Of Radio.

Matthew Cole, Rap’s premier storyteller, London-born Richard Walters burst onto the scene in 1988 with The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, an album with such a unique style that it changed hip-hop. Wes Greene, Gerald Kargl’s Angst is a 75-minute cinematic panic attack. —Robert Ham, Mark E. Smith confirmed his status as the funniest man in rock ’n’ roll with the Fall’s third record, where he directs his acid wit towards early Thatcherite England, the cartoonish promise of America, the fatuousness of the music industry, and the gormlessness of modern society and culture. Crow is best known for VH1-friendly rock, and her voice isn’t exactly sultry or powerful, qualities possessed by k.d. Freedom of Choice is a treasure of propelling bass lines and revolutionary synths seasoned with tongue-in-cheek lyrical delivery, blazing the electronic trail for many musicians to come. and 100-per-cent-proof noise. Generating a white-knuckle tension worthy of Jules Dassin’s Rififi, and capped off with a brilliant reworking of the ending of another ‘50s classic—to say which one would spoil the surprise—Any Number Can Win is a prime example of a film, and filmmaker, that was unfairly maligned by the cinephiles and critics of the French New Wave, and which has only just recently begun to recover its reputation. As we’ve noted in our 9 Signature Rock Classics That Weren’t Chart Hits story, Pink Floyd followed up their only #1 hit, “Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2),” with “Comfortably Numb.” The latter didn’t even chart. Eric Clapton—Just One Night—Recorded live in Japan in late 1979, the double album provided a retrospective of Clapton’s solo career to date, avoiding the Cream and Blind Faith eras.

—Josh Jackson, By the time Split Enz released True Colours in 1980 they’d already established themselves as a colorful and bizarro art rock band in their home country of New Zealand. Jones, Unfortunately for brothers Cris and Curt Kirkwood, it took a guest appearance alongside Kurt Cobain on MTV Unplugged in 1993 to immortalize their legacy, a feat which 1984’s Meat Puppets II was fully capable of doing on its own merits. 39 years after it was released, Queen's Greatest Hits finally hits the US Top 10, Northwest release haunting video for Before The Spell. (This Irish band called U2 sure has a new sound—wonder if it’ll catch on.). Jackson Browne would’ve been hard-pressed to equal the sales of 1977’s Running on Empty. If nothing else, Golden further bolsters Minogue’s reputation for taking risks—and artfully sets the stage for her inevitable disco comeback. Unreleased Live Clip, ‘The Midnight Special’: Solo Artists Edition, Graham Parker Announces Live Album, ‘Five Old Souls’, Radio Hits November 1968: Fantasy Will Set You Free, John Belushi Authorized Documentary Premieres: Watch Trailer, 2020 in Review: The Best Music Books of the Year, Sonny Geraci of The Outsiders & Climax: Top 10 x 2, Radio Hits in November 1973: Joking Around, Top Selling Albums of 1973: Come to the Dark Side, Radio Hits in November 1967: Take a Look, Sign up for the Best Classic Bands Newsletter. With a sardonic smirk, Donald Fagen recounts the misadventures of an aging hipster struggling to relate to his 19-year-old girlfriend (“Hey Nineteen”) and a drug dealer hustling for deals at Mr. Chow’s restaurant (“Glamour Profession”). Through the decades—and subsequent crazes for color and sound, stereoscopy and anamorphosis—since that train threatened to barrel into the front row, there’s never been a time when audiences didn’t clamor for the palpating fingers of fear. Some of these depictions are humorous, others haunting. Gonzalez, Stoic but danceable, detached but emotionally sincere, Dare! Their next album, Back in Black, released just five months later with Englishman Brian Johnson taking over vocal duties, would become one of the best-selling albums of all time—25x Platinum in the U.S. and an estimated 50 million copies sold worldwide. The singer’s eighth album, Damita Jo, features a slew of the gooey, structureless sex ballads that had become her staple, including “Warmth,” three-and-a-half minutes dedicated to describing how Ms. Jackson If You’re Nasty gives a blowjob (and yes, she’s a method actress, whispering sweet nothings with her mouth full). The subject is still the same: How do you work and be a parent? Ramones—End of the Century—Choosing to follow up the powerhouse Road to Ruin with an album produced by the mercurial Phil Spector was a daring move for America’s leading punk band. (1980) – The Clash 135. Even as Cam gives new meaning to “ghosting” when Alice watches “herself” online, the film’s strengths come from an intimate familiarity with the anxieties that accompany a life predicated on thriving in a gig economy still owned and operated by impenetrable customer service mechanisms and corporate channels of older, sweaty white men. As a drunk says to Alex (Malcolm McDowell) right before taking a vicious beating: “I don’t want to live anyway! ensured the album wouldn’t be lost to history, when drummer Bill Berry proclaimed Pylon the best band in America.