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Microbial infections, mostly bacterial infections in the stomach can generate pain around the belly button. Then you can get the treatment you need.

Belly button bleeding has several causes, but the most common is the infection and fungal growth or as a result of injury, all this notwithstanding, this infection has an impact to a person’s health if they are treated early. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published. Another way to get it is through contact with someone who’s infected.

If you experiencing a combination of the two you should contact your doctor immediately or call 911. Pregnancy will give you many different sensations, one of which is belly button pain. Note the other symptoms that you experience along with pain and consult it with your doctor to avoid complications.

• Crohn’s Disease. • Diverticulitis. The only way to treat gallbladder stones is to have surgery to remove the gallbladder. In mild cases of a hernia, you may be asked to apply an ice pack to get relief from the pain and to suppress the swelling. Such pain can occur due to infections in the small intestine or other serious issues. In mild symptoms of gallstones, dietary changes like avoiding fatty foods, consuming fresh fluids can help. Infection may trigger smelly discharge, which may be similar to pus or water. Regular washing of your belly button is recommended to eliminate the bacteria that grow there due to sweat. This is a painful condition that caused the appendix to be inflamed. 12 Proven Health Benefits of Barley Tea That Will Surprise You, Lower Left Back Pain: Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatments, Pain around belly button area – it can be above, below or on sides, Belly button hurts when touched or on wearing tight clothing, Some discharge oozes from the belly button, You feel the pain along with oozing pus, and it smells, Pain remains for a while, or it persists and does not go away with rest, The severity of the pain – is it mild or sharp?

If you are pregnant, it is normal if your belly button hurts (1). If your belly button pain is due to abdominal surgery, it fades as your body heals. If a diabetic experiences a sporadic belly button pain, seek doctor’s advice to determine the presence of other pancreatic problems. Any current infection may spread inward to the abdomen or digestive tract. Hence, any bleeding or discharge coming from the belly button should be an indication of an infection. These conditions can cause some pain in the small area. Apart from above medical treatments, avoiding the consumption of food that triggers the pain or worsens the symptoms is the best home remedy.

In severe cases of gallstones, you may even require surgical intervention. Indigestion.

This can cause different kinds of issues like pain, discomfort, and burning. Belly Button Pain: What Causes It And When To Seek Help. This condition requires immediate … The treatment of pain in the belly button depends on what caused the pain. and has experience of research in the field of molecular biology of malarial parasite P.falciparum. These conditions are normal but it doesn’t mean you should ignore the symptoms. These infections can be serious and might increase the risk of stomach cancer.

A belly button pain is something that should not be ignored especially if the cause is unknown.

Learn all about belly button pain and its infection. Also, at some point, we realized ours was an “innie” or “outie.” We usually think of stomach pain as related to the general stomach area.

Other potential causes of belly button pain include pain after surgery, urinary tract infections (UTIs), bacterial infections, and gastroenteritis. This condition can include various symptoms.

In some severe conditions, surgical intervention is needed.

She has contributed in the research about P. falciparum epigenome. The problems of pancreas include pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, acute pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer.

These are some symptoms to watch out for: It’s also worth noting there are different kinds of pain. The belly button is a small body part that can cause big pain. Medical information provided on this website scrutinized to assure accuracy. Bacterial infection can make the stomach swell or become sore. Medicines like painkillers may give relief from the pain. The onset of belly button pain can be consistent or it can be sporadic. Proper wound care and kept-cleaned navels are the key to avoid bleeding belly button.

1 Pain from these conditions can take a variety of forms, from general discomfort to sharp, stabbing sensations in the abdomen.

The onset of belly button pain can be consistent or it can be sporadic. Although the pain can be mild to sharp, it doesn’t go away even after you take rest. Ibuprofen or acetaminophen may be given depending on which medication the patient can tolerate or which the patient has no allergic reaction. Different symptoms of belly button pain can be due to various underlying causes. Gallstones usually go undetected. This can become serious. Because of the belly button’s location, any damage to it can easily lead to dangerous complications throughout body. This sometimes involves pain/swelling following the surgery.