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= I love this book. OK, let's try putting together a few sentences using gustar.

Z. Oh, gustar. interesar. Nos gusta este programa de televisión.

just create an account. ), Nos interesa la ciencia ficción.

La clase de biología siempre me ha aburrido.

Anyone can earn If the sentence is negative (saying someone does not like something) simply put a No in front of the indirect object pronoun.


= This role bores the actor.

Orange juice is pleasing to me.

A Uds. gustar – to be pleasing to (to like) aburrir – to bore . Al actor le aburre este papel.

?Te encanta la canción o te aburre? As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 83,000 G

/ No, no me encantó la película. = You only have five dollars left. ?Te interesa el español?

Use the new gustar-type verbs to answer his questions.

?No te aburren las películas con muchos diálogos largos? However, what you are literally saying is that 'Coffee is pleasing to me.' Conjugating Present Tense Verbs | Guide to Top Spanish Verbs, Present Tense Verbs. L

April has a Ph.D. in Spanish and has taught college-level Spanish for 10+ years. In the yo, tú, nosotros, and vosotros forms, 'A + pronoun' is sometimes added for emphasis or contrast. Note that the endings of “interesa” and “aburre” do not change in the same way as other verbs. El caso es que me aburro cuando empiezas a filosofar. google_ad_slot = "8816093382";

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Gusta is the verb and matches the subject, which again is not me.

To say that you like something in Spanish using gustar, you have to rearrange the words.

Me encanta este libro. 's' : ''}}.

Answers for 'Práctica con verbos como gustar': 1) Sí, me encantó la película.

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succeed. Level 2. ), Remember, gusta/n matches whatever comes after it, not what comes before it. / No, no me aburren las películas con muchos diálogos largos. width: 100%;

The verb gustar isn’t the only verb that works this way.

Since the subject of the sentence must be either singular (book) or plural (books), the only forms of gustar you will use are “gusta” and “gustan.” This is true regardless of what IO pronoun appears in the sentence.

A Susana le gustan las películas con muchos efectos especiales. gustar - to like, to please aburrir - to bore agradar - to be pleasing to alegrar - to gladden apasionar - to love apetecer - to feel like asustar - get scared atraer - to attract bastar - to be enough caber - to fit, to fill caer bien / caer mal - to give a good/bad impression to someone Comparable with ¡Avancemos!…, #1 Verbos en Infinitivo 1-20.

No me gustan las comedias.

Solo te quedan cinco dólares.

?Cómo te va? Q

What sorts of things do you like? However, in the Spanish sentence Me gusta el café, this construction is pretty much turned on its head.

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That is, they are preceded by indirect object pronouns, and the subject usually comes after the verb, so the verb needs to match what follows it, rather than what comes in front of it. Is it possible to use the verb aburrir like you would use gustar, molestar, etc.? ?Te gustan las películas de acción? Example: A mí me gusta el zumo de naranja. (The arm hurts me.). 2) A mis amigos ___ (gusta / gustan) ir al cine. The case is, I get bored when you start philosophizing.

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Enrolling in a course lets you earn progress by passing quizzes and exams. to be important to. Now that you know some other verbs that use the same sentence structure as gustar, let's try putting them to use. (This book is enchanting to me. and career path that can help you find the school that's right for you.

Full verb conjugation table for aburrir along with example sentences and printable version.

dar asco.


(You like vegetables, but I don't like them. X Created by gcastreje.

Select a subject to preview related courses: A number of other frequently used verbs follow the same pattern as gustar. to be fascinating to. Gustar-likes or to like Me Gusta Te Gusta Le Gusta Nos Gustan Os Gustan Les Gustan.

Your new friend from Mexico City, Javier, has stopped by to chat with you about his favorite pastime - movies and TV.

1) Te / gustan, 2) les / gusta, 3) Nos / gusta, 4) me / gustan, 5) le / gustan.